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10 definitions by yea

Located in Illinois. A scant 45 minutes from Chicago, it's still possible (and a frequent night-long activity) to whine about having nothing to do. The world's largest collection of country-club goers and stuck up teens. Within a three-mile radius, one has ample oppurtunity to drive around and buy an overpriced mediocre coffee and somehow get arrested while doing it. Home of Glenbard West highschool, (which holds a record of the most stairs to climb while traveling from class to class) as well as the much less snobby and much less talked about Glenbard South High Scool. "Downtown" Glen Ellyn is home to some of the most hardcore partiers in the state.
The rich girl is angry with mother because she will not lend her 70 dollars for her weekend expenses.
by Yea April 25, 2005
285 110
Mexican word
Could be used by a guy calling his girl mija like baby

by a parent to his daughter mijo for males
what's up mija
by yea March 03, 2004
406 253
Risquoo is only pronounced by a little boy, with a high voice. He cannot reach the normal tone. A person says "risquoo" to try to fit in, but for small, short kids with blonde hair, thw word just backfires on them.
"Cleanin' Out my Risquoo and I am"
by yea April 07, 2005
3 0
Used to express a feeling of awesomeness, usually in reference to a movie.
Dude did you see Antigone? That was totally holbaforce!
by yea December 16, 2004
2 2
coolest guy ever, plus the best bass player ever.
I want to give Kneis a prompt knob gobble because he is so cool and good at bass.
by yea December 17, 2004
1 4
To mix tobacco and weed when smoking.
"Dude, let's batch so we can get this spliff bigger"
by Yea June 22, 2003
85 94
a trick that's not worth my time
that bitch is a gel
by yea August 19, 2003
7 19