a QUEEN song that is sung by QUEEN of course
"it's a kind of midget"
by i hate u josh khan November 29, 2004
a person that eats ur pie and ur cookies and ur brain!!! someone u need to kill!!! they are evil!!!
kill that midget its evil!!!
by midget hater May 31, 2005
A nickname for a little person.Like me!!!!little blonde girl who lives in Baxter Tennessee.
Candace April Sloan,also known as Midgeetamo.
by Tia & Bobbie December 10, 2004
repeats what is said and done by others. (very irritating indeed). Kill her. Her protruding teeth is the result of trying to bite through the tons of locks on the door! There is only one such midget on earth(phew!!) and of course this does not concern all normal midgets out there!
Kill Izyan... err... i mean..kill the midget!!! Kill her before she runs 2 rounds and faints!
by midget-killer January 08, 2005
a short, uqly, hyper, retarded lukin ho who likesz 2 run around actin tuff n startin shit wit ppl and who likesz 2 luk at quysz naked and take off their clothesz in da middle of da classroom and punch teachersz in da face.. sum1 who needsz 2 qet dey assz beat
"Damnnnn dat bitch isz a midget niqqer"
by [Yo Bitch] November 14, 2007
some people say my dick looks like a midget between my legs. but, acually, there simply tiny little people that have little man sindrum. normal tall people enjoy making fun of these small people. i know i like to....
dude midget is so small yo momma uses his whole body as a dildo
by matt June 14, 2006
a really short freaky bitch dat go 2 h20 and dont give no play.
I really hope i dont meet no damn midget on the way to school 2day
by Trey Davis March 16, 2005
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