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An obvius copy of Macrohard, which Bill Gates stole the disk of while I was sleeping. He also copied my program Doors, and renamed it Windows.
Me: *sleeping*
Bill Gates: I'll just take this disk... *yoink*
Me: You, come back here right now, or I will personally come all the way over there and call Ronald F***ing McDonald to kick you in the nuts!
Bill Gates: hehehe *escapes* I'll just change the name to Microsoft, and this program to Windows, and no one will ever know!!!! WAHAHAHA!!!!
Me: Cheap B******!
by sum-dude March 21, 2005
A thing with cake and punch.
"The party that didn't contain cake and punch was a Box Social"
by sum-dude December 14, 2004
Fagoma Range-

1- (n) A mountian range in-between the Goma Mountains and the Farce Range.

2- (n) An insult commonly used by me. Originally thought to be derived from the word "fag", but was really derived from the F word.
1- "I'm goin' down to da Fagoma Range for da holidays!!!!!"

2- "That guys a Fagoma Range!!!!! Indupitably!!!!!"
by sum-dude March 21, 2005
A social gathering, in which there is no cake or punch involved. The opposite of a party. The punch was removed because of too many punch spikings, but the cake was removed for entirely different reasons.
"Box Socials whip party's back to the medieval agaes so fast!!!..."
by sum-dude December 14, 2004

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