A boy that is seemingly dangerous and adventurous on the outside, but is sweet and gentle on the inside. If you are lucky enough to be with Michael, you will quickly realize that he outshines your own intellect, but ask him to clarify and he will. WARNING: His thoughts are very complex, so you must concentrate on what he's saying to fully understand. Also, he can be a perfect gentleman and very kind with your heart, but break it just as quickly with no reason at all.
Guy #1: He's such a genius!!
Guy #2: No, he's a Michael.
by bythesea32 August 30, 2008
The most amazing person on the planet. Absolutely the light in my darkness, my hope when it's hopeless. The one person who can truley make everything okay.
Michael I have no clue what I ever did to deserve you.
by YourEmmie June 18, 2009
A complex yet amazing person that women are instantly attracted to. Doesn't love easily, but loves hard when he does. Is aware of his faults and strives to be a better person. A health-conscious individual, Michael takes care of himself physically and as a result is extremely sexy. Amazing in bed and extremely well-endowed. Highly intelligent, and seeks out intellectual equals to associate with. Is hard on himself when he makes mistakes, often to the point of being self-deprecating and self-destructive. Can forgive others more easily than he can forgive himself. Needs to know that despite his shortcomings and past mistakes he is a beautiful person worthy of a "happily ever after". It's worth every bit of heartache just to have the chance to know and love him.
"Wow, check that guy out.."
"I know, that's Michael.."
"Ohh, no wonder he seems amazing."
by tks76 February 02, 2010
An insanely HOT guy with an amazing body and is super funny. Girls cry when they see him because they know he is too good for them. Girl and guys around he world desire Michael.
Girl1: Oh my gosh! Theres Michael!
Girl2: *tear*
by Girl Who Is Hotter Than You August 15, 2008
MICHAEL is the #4 most common male name.
2.629% of men in the US are named MICHAEL.
Around 3220525 US men are named MICHAEL!

MICHAEL is the #799 most common female name.
0.012% of females in the US are named MICHAEL.
Around 15300 US females are named MICHAEL!

MICHAEL is the #877 most common last name.
0.014% of last names in the US are MICHAEL.
Around 35000 US last names are MICHAEL!
No, I don't want MICHAEL.
by SakuraSaku October 28, 2006
A very cool guy who makes everyone laugh. Once you meet him, you will want to be his friend right away. He is super cute and very good-looking. He has amazing taste...in music, clothes, food, everything. He is a sports fanatic and his team can do no wrong. He is health conscience and strives to be a better person. Every girl secretly wishes that he could be her boyfriend...mainly because he landed the HOTTEST, & coolest girl as his girlfriend..mainly because everyone knows that he likes commitment...mainly because he is sweet and knows how to treat a girl...mainly because however strange and wierd he may be, he's perfect. In his own little way, he is perfect.
Michael a very cool person.

guy 1 do you see that fine a** chick

guy 2 yeah, she prob has a boyfriend named Michael
by Nebraska Nantucket February 03, 2010
People with this name are likely to be extremely awesome. That or sociopathic. Regardless of the mental state, all Michaels are sexy, funny, and sex-gods in bed.
Damn, I wish I had a Michael to date right now. That would be freakin' sweet.

Antonyms: Vince, Douche, Fag
by Suck-it-Merriam May 05, 2009
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