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A complex yet amazing person that women are instantly attracted to. Doesn't love easily, but loves hard when he does. Is aware of his faults and strives to be a better person. A health-conscious individual, Michael takes care of himself physically and as a result is extremely sexy. Amazing in bed and extremely well-endowed. Highly intelligent, and seeks out intellectual equals to associate with. Is hard on himself when he makes mistakes, often to the point of being self-deprecating and self-destructive. Can forgive others more easily than he can forgive himself. Needs to know that despite his shortcomings and past mistakes he is a beautiful person worthy of a "happily ever after". It's worth every bit of heartache just to have the chance to know and love him.
"Wow, check that guy out.."
"I know, that's Michael.."
"Ohh, no wonder he seems amazing."
by tks76 February 02, 2010
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