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-a bum-ass woman who think she the shit but really ain't

popularized by lil duval and spokenreasons
-if you fuck a nigga and all his homeboys, you a basic bitch
-if you a black girl and your weave is red, green, purple, or blonde... you a basic bitch
-if you claim you independent, get wit a nigga, marry a nigga, have kids wit a nigga, take the nigga to court and ask for child support while you already gettin child support, you can kill yourself, you a basic bitch and you desperate
-if you tell a nigga you can throw down knowin damn well ur ass can't cook a raw egg.. you a basic bitch
-if you scared to fart or take a shit in front of ur mans knowin u been together for a year or two... you a basic bitch
-if you bend yo ass over in all yo pictures just to make it a lil bigger knowin you ain't got one, you a basic bitch

-if you and ur man got all yall clothes off and yall bout to have sex and you put yo hands up and say stop, you a basic bitch and you already knew what you were gettin urself into while he was kissin on yo neck
-if you sing any beyonce song all day erryday, somethin like "upgrade" and ain't nothin upgraded about you since high school in 92, kill yaself, u a basic bitch
-if you got 5 kids with 5 baby daddys.....yous basic bitch
-if you take any man on the Maury show knowin u coulda saved the trouble by testin him at the hospital.. yous a basic bitch
-if you FUCK every man in the world, "rehoecate", then put yo coochie on lock and act like you born again saved again christian, yous a basic bitch
if i see granny panties on anything you wear, ANYTHING! yous a basic bitch
-if you step up in the club with them fresh heals on, cold done, and the back of yo ankles ashy.. yous a basic bitch
-if you fuckin a man in the same bedroom as your baby in.. yous a basic bitch
-if you walk like a bitch, talk like a bitch and get mad when somebody call u a bitch... you a basic bitch
by thekaytwo August 08, 2009
3061 1453
1) one who has no personality; dull and irrelevant

2) just an extra regular female
1) A female who think she ain't gotta give up ass to keep a man

2) A basic bitch goes to the library to check her facebook

3)A basic bitch has 2 kids and both of them are JR's
by Meeks901 July 10, 2009
10449 9043
A person, particularlly a female, who believe they are the shit because they own a certain type of clothing/material that differntciates them from other people. They may also believe they hold a higher standard then regular people.
Gucci Gucci, Loui Loui, Fendi Fendi, Prada. Basic bitches wear that shit so I don't even botha
by Adrianna Fotso July 21, 2011
1328 804
Somebody who is boring and unoriginal.
Does Gilberto know that he is a mad wack basic bitch?
by eclectdissect January 29, 2011
766 594
a bitch who look the same as someone else. Like in the way the dress. it could also mean someone who needs to get to your level
Only basic bitches wears Obey
by swagmethefuckoutbasedgod August 19, 2011
380 215
A bitch with a pH value greater than 7
The litmus turned blue, its a basic bitch!
by taz1221 June 03, 2014
121 10
Anyone who calls someone a "basic bitch".

Originally, "basic bitch" is meant to mean "unoriginal", but the word itself is no longer an original insult, thus making anyone who uses it an unclever follower.

Aside from that, it sounds like a phrase a twelve year old would say. You cannot use this phrase and have a high IQ at the same time. You just can't.
Female 1: You don't look like ME, you wish you had mah purdy hurr and manicurezzz. You's basic bitch!

Female 2: Kill yourself.
by java bitch April 27, 2014
84 55