Usually an energetic, fun guy who looks for love in few people. Michael is loved easily and is willing to hear you out. His trust is most important in a relationship and is easily gained. Most often laid back and goes with the flow. Always knows how to keep a girlfriend happy <3
Her boyfriend Michael brought her the most beautiful flowers!
by chubbycheekedchica December 31, 2014
Michael is a name given to a funny and very good looking gent that loves his video games. Michaels are usually a little shy but once you get a few drinks in them, they are the life of the party. They are slow to trust, and even slower to love...but once a person gains the trust and love of a Michael - they've got it forever. Typically Michaels are a huge fan of anything outdoors: Hiking, 4-Wheelers, Yard Work, etc. Michaels generally love animals and other human beings. Typically raised with a top-knotch upbringing these are the types of men who make excellent husbands, fathers, and grandfathers. Often times these creatures are confused about what they deserve in life, and usually have to go through a hell of a lot in life before settling down.
Love Me some Michael.
by Notthatonebiatch October 20, 2011
A really good guy who keps me smiling. He's a good boyfriend. someone who i hold dear to by heart i love michael!!! we have good "others"
see him over there? he's such a michael
by PEESHCOP May 19, 2011
Need a guy friend? He is the one for you. If you ever need help around the place or a smile then you can just call Michael. He is a great friend and always knows how to make people laugh. He is always at your side to keep you up and down. Even though he is hard at work he is still attractive. He is always there when you need a little boost in your day.
I need help

OH just call Michael
by Flowy Sackson May 01, 2014
the most annoying, bitchy, dramatic guy you'll ever meet. only cares about himself.
Michael is such a douche.
by 2cool4school2lame4fame December 01, 2013
A weirdo that is kinda awesome. They will get to know you in mischievous ways, and he will have the oddest ways of expressing friendship
"Michael, are you okay?"
by stuffs from earth May 04, 2013
Michael is a male, probably. If he ever lives, he will most certainly die from it. He breathes, laughs and sings (not always well). Michael has been told that in this big wide earth he is almost entirely insignificant. However, he can't help but feel important in the context of his own life. Michael is a person.
Hi, my name is Michael.
by ThnkUVryMch01 May 24, 2014

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