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One who believes in God
Michael tries not to hate on any level.
by *Archangel Michael* February 02, 2010
Michael is a male, probably. If he ever lives, he will most certainly die from it. He breathes, laughs and sings (not always well). Michael has been told that in this big wide earth he is almost entirely insignificant. However, he can't help but feel important in the context of his own life. Michael is a person.
Hi, my name is Michael.
by ThnkUVryMch01 May 24, 2014
The biggest sex god ever. honestly the coolest person out and very attractive. Excellent taste in music, usually into rock. So cool girls faint
"Oh my gosh, Michael is a total King. I want him"
by hmhmhmhmhhm March 12, 2014
The sweetest of all guys, commitment and trust are his number one priority. Cute, kind, great personality are all him. Although he may get jealous easily, u an always reassure him with a kiss or maybe more, for easily forgiving is his middle name.
Perfecton michael
by MjG December 11, 2013
A sex monster by all definitions.Although very sexy, Michael isn't available for everyone. A Michael must be placed with a Krystal.
Guy was a Michael in the bedroom last night.
by Sendejo June 08, 2012
a guy who loves the color blue, is extremely weird, and loves tacos...
guy #1: dang dude..you're weird
guy#2 :no....your michael
by tasykimchi June 08, 2011
Michael: a hockey loving person who likes things shoved up his bum. Handle with care, any skin on skin contact will result in Michael having a hissyfit and being a complete douche canoe. Not all Michael's are like this though; only the Michael variety whose last name is Rand
Jon: Wow that kids crying even though i just poked him
Bob: ya, he's such a Michael

Billy: wow your such a douche canoe
Jimmy: Pshh, your such a Michael Rand
by TruthAboutMichaelRand December 06, 2010