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He can make you smile, laugh & make you so happy. He's so sweet & caring. He is a very ambitious person with a lot ahead of him. He doesn't think highly of himself when it comes to that, but anyone who knows him should know that he's capable of anything. As long as he puts his mind to it, he can pursue any goal & achieve it without any questions asked. He has so many qualities. He's so funny & will make your day. Did I mention that he has a beautiful voice? I wrote about his voice in one of my raps & said ; Every bar, every verse, a masterpeice in the making, the beuty of your voice leaves my body shaking.
He's got a big heart. He deseres to have someone that makes him that happiest person ever. He's smart & has a good head on his shoulders but yet, you can tell he has a freaky side. He isn't like anyone you know. He's different. He's Michael. He won't change for anyone. Their is no need to change because he's such a incredible person. He's real. You will love so many things about him. He's a bright, cute, intellegent, unexplainable person. In a good ass way. With so many talents. Singing, Basketball, who knows what else. He can do anything. He's worth so much more than he thinks. As you get to know him, he'll , mean the world to Space, to Mars & Back to you. You might even fall in love. I know I did. Love, KYLEE.<3
Kylee loves Michael
by Kylee Brownn June 27, 2013
11 3
Michael is a guy with many personalities. He wants to love but sometimes he's friends and even family members dont give him enough or shows him enough to actually use it on someone else. Michaels are very smart intellectual people with good taste of music, tv shows movies anything really. And they are the sweetest most whole-hearted friends or boyfriends-if he chooses to let yu have his heart. And even when he acts like a jerk or is rude around he's friends to you, he doesn't mean it. He just is constantly disrespected in front of people so he does what is done to him. Michaels are extremely special people to have in your life. They will protect you&& love you to the end. If you have a Michael, you are the luckiest person in the world.
person1-(girl) Wow im soo lucky!
person2-(girl's friend) Why?
person1-Because i have the most ahmazing boyfriend ever!
person2-Oh really thats great. Whats his name?
person2-oh yeah you have an ahmazingg boyfriend im happy for you.
by Gummibear Andrews-Lindsey December 11, 2010
26 43
A dumbass cheating liar who doesn't know how to keep a secret and tells his girlfriend's best friends that he fucked a chick he said he hated and decides that he is going to keep being stupid and try to be a player when all he actually is is a stupid asshat.
MIchael is a dumbass cheater.
by vampchic7 May 25, 2010
40 57
a person who dates one girl after another. often says "lolcats" to EVERYTHING. obnoxious. all he does is skate. he will use you just for attention. his mom is a stripper. he'll tell you he loves you then an hour later he will break up with you.
me: ahhh i just broke my arm it hurts
michael: lolcats
me: lets hang out
michael: lolcats

michael: baby i love you.
*two hours later*
michael: i love you but im breaking up with you.
by cottonbawlz June 20, 2010
34 52
Good looking man with a dominate nature.... works hard... plays harder. At ease with hisself where ever he might be... possession of many "special" talents....Makes one hell of a Dom!
Michael is a trustworthy Dom!
by lilmsSabra February 06, 2010
40 59
People with this name are very likely to be made entirely of AWESOME. The Angel Michael was God's Hitman. Most Michaels can lick their eyeballs. Michaels are equal parts Bloom and Decay. Michael is another word for fly, dope and Libahunt. Michaels are Pimp. FTW.
I'm too Michael for this.
by sinister eel February 03, 2010
56 76
Would go gay for George Lucas and/or Jordan Bailey
"My boyfriend just pulled a total Michael! Who the fuck is Jordan Bailey?!?!"
by Bitcheetah August 25, 2010
25 46
a sweet-heart who always knows what to say. He is loving and kind and very funny. But also knows how to be serious when he needs to be. Very athletic and not very bright...but is very street smart. Will someday be famous and rich. Michaels seem to go best with alisons or chelseas. As well as abbeys. they know how to be in a relationship and arent fakes or asswholes.
:) michael <3
by happiness_and_love February 25, 2010
40 65