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When you want to say something is not going to happen on an extreme scale
Man Armadillo, I'm mever gonna hit the lotto.
by Te-n-Ti February 21, 2010
(adv.) a shortened version of the phrase "Me, never!" created by Lauren

(side note: can be used as an exclamation at anytime or anyplace)
Who I do that? Mever!
by stam September 12, 2006
Being a TRUE MEVER is the hardest thing to explain...but if you havent learnt the meaning of it, you havent learnt anything. Mevers last Forever and the sayin came from whatever mever.
An example of a Mever is a well educated person with good prospects for the future and that person would always be sincere to their friends and loyal. A mever is all about putting your friends and family before other people like outsiders.
by Prizzy October 28, 2007

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