Enough already Mets fans!
"The Yankees aren't a real team": This is just the jealous speak of fans of that horrible team in Flushings, NY.

"Mets rule, Skankees suck": This is heard most often spewed by the ignorant folk who root for the NY Mets. The fact of the matter is the Mets have had a largely mediocre run in their mere 47 years of existence. The NY Yankees on the other hand are recognized world over as being not just the best NY baseball franchise, but best in the history of the game.

"Yankees fans are not real fans, just bandwagon jumpers": Okay, this may have some merit to it. I do know a lot of people who say they like the Yankees just because they have the most wins in baseball. Regardless of this, it is to be expected when you are the best of the best. How many people do you think are poser-Met fans? Not that many, because there is no reason to be a bandwagon Mets fan.
"Amazin' Mets": The only reason why they got this name was because they went from worst in 1968 to first as they became World Champions in 1969 beating the Orioles in five games in the 69 WS. That team was good and did have many good players: Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan, Art Shamsky, Cleon Jones, and Tommie Agee to name a few. But the fact remains that for the majority of the Mets existence, they have been totally inept at playing good baseball.

I don't mind making fun of each other but when people just run their mouths without taking into consideration logic that says the Yankees are better than the Mets for all these reasons is just ignorant. You can like whoever you want in baseball, but no one on Earth can deny the facts that the Yankees have always fielded the best teams in baseball. To say the "Yankees Suck" just shows how dumb you really are. It makes so much more sense to chant "Brewers Suck", or "Nationals Suck", as those teams truly do suck by every definition of the word. Also anyone who lives their lives by baseball is a complete fool who lacks the ability to live their own lives, and more than likely is a Mets fan!
Mets: Most mediocre and over-rated expansion team ever!
by RealNYFan March 18, 2009
Top Definition
Better than the other New York baseball team with fans that actually knows about baseball and not just bunch of bandwagon jumpers. Here is the real meaning for the METS acronym.

Team in
The skankees SUCK, lets go METS
by METS FAN FOR LIFE December 17, 2003
2 World Series titles (again, sorry sports freak) 1969, 1986
4 National League Pennants ('69,'73,'86
and 2000).

the Mets were brought in to help fill the NL void for the Dodgers and Giants who left NYC in the late '50s.
New York Mets and their fans have more class and style then the Yankees and Yankee fan.
by in the zone January 11, 2004
The team with the biggest choke in mlb history. In 2007 they became the first team in history to have a 7 game lead with 17 games left to play, and lose their division. The Mets lost 12 of their last 17 games, most of them to teams with losing records, and the Phillies won 13 of their last 17 including a sweep of the Mets.
Your as bad as the mets. You must really suck!!! Go Phillies!
by nyc hater October 03, 2007
The Washington Redskins of the MLB. In spite of the team's large market and payroll, they continue to spend money like the Redskins on washed-up players and young talent who end up suffering major injuries or defect. The Mets, like the Redskins, should make the playoffs but never will until decent management is put in charge.
"The Mets spent the second most this off-season and look great on paper...but they'll still finish 5th behind Philadelphia..."
by Chris Ewing July 28, 2005
n. 1. The well known abbreviation for the New York Metropolitans baseball team, which has won 2 World Series' and 4 Pennants, who's home field is Shea Stadium, located in Flushing, Queens, New York. Part of the National League East, their most well known nickname aside from "Mets" is "The Amazing Mets", or simply, "The Amazin's". The New York Mets team mascot is Mr. Met.

Commonly scorned and ridiculed by New York Yankees fans; who, by majority, are largely "front-runners" and "bandwagon jumpers" who choose to support the New York Yankees on account that they have the largest amount of resources available out of all Major League Baseball clubs, which is used to attain better and/or higher paid players, and therefore have a greater chance of consistently winning. They are basically seen as a club exploiting an unfair advantage acting more like the Microsoft of Major League Baseball than a franchise, and their fans are viewed as people who only root for the winning team.

Mets fans, however, are regarded as loyal, true-blue supporters win or lose. Being a National League team, they have no Designated Hitter to bat for the Pitcher during games. This is seen by American League fans as an easy out, as Pitchers are often poor hitters, but there is more respect for the National League because their Pitchers hit for themselves. Shea Stadium is also one of the hardest fields to hit a home run out of, with 410 feet at center field. Overall, it is generally known that the Mets sometimes have the odds stacked against them automatically, and are considered to be an underdog team. However, being victorious with so little in their favor is an amazing feat, as it requires more skill and superior sports ability.
"Lets Go Mets!!!"

"When the Yanks win, nobody really cares, because they're expected to. When the Mets win, it is a display of pure skill, technical merit, and athletic prowess."
by TheWarlock July 07, 2005
A shitty baseball team from New York. In 2007 they had the worst collapse in baseball history. Their players don't care if they win, they care about their paycheck. They have the worst, most annoying fans in baseball.
Mets stands for



Wright Fucks Reyes
by Mets Suck May 27, 2008
slang word for french kissing
i met him around the back of the shop yesterday
by blahblahblah123 June 24, 2005
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