Short for meticulous. A term used to describe something as "cool", "neat" or "awesome".
Wow, those new sunglasses are really met.
Urban Dictionary is so met, dude.
This new indiglo watch is really met.
by jimmyray greyhair November 22, 2011
(n)Baseball team located in New York. Known for their shitty records and shitty fans. Basically, everything about the Mets is shit including their shitty fight song and their shitty Mr. Met
What a surprise, the mets lost again
What peices of shit
by Shcotty B June 29, 2006
An acronymn standing for: (the) Most Excellent Team in Sports
The New York Yankees are just not the METS... therefore they suck.
by thomwithanh January 23, 2013
A team with the most loyal fans in baseball.

JimFear Apr. 2009: "LETS GO METS! LETS GO METS!!"

- continue year after year
by Jim Fear May 01, 2009
Short for Metropolitan police
I wanna be a copper, i think i'll try and join the Met.
by The Curious Orange January 30, 2006
They have one of the top payrolls in baseball and still can't break 500. God that's sad. At least the Yankees win...
Boy - I failed my spelling test today.
Dad - Why? What did you spell wrong?
Boy - They asked me to spell sucky and I spelled it METS and the teacher marked it wrong.
by qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm January 02, 2004
A very bad baseball team which should have never been made. They also tend to choke right before the playoffs begin.
The "mets" got CRUSHED by the Phillies
by BoxMaster February 17, 2010

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