A New York baseball team. Often reffered to using acronyms such as "My Entire Team Sucks", or "Most Exciting Teaim in Sports". A decent team that plays at Shea Stadium, and get off their backs Yankee fans, theese guys bust their asses to play; at least they have fans who know what the hell they're talking about.
The Mets lost their last game

Oh. Well, they'll win the next one. It's a sure bet, cuz we're playing the Yankees.
by suckmyflappynutsallyoupreps November 05, 2005
One of the best teams in baseball

The only real team left in NY.

long live king wright and reyes

the team bandwagoners are not joining all of a sudden

Get the fuck out bandwagoners.Go join the yankees.they need the new fan base since they are all old homos now
Mets own the N.L

Yankees Suck

Best team left in all of N.L

Finally,what fans have been waiting for

Next world series champs?
by MetsWin August 21, 2006
Those bastards sold out!

Their new stadium is to be called "Citifield" because they are gonna get a majority of the funding from CitiCorp. As a result, CitiCorp is gonna make a crapload of money off the name.

The day that new satadium goes up will be a sad day for us Mets fans...

A: Did you hear about what the Mets did?!?
B: No. what happened?
A: They sold out to Citibank!!!
Both: Noooooo!
by Chewey June 15, 2007
The NY baseball team.

Often ridiculed by fans of baseball and being made a joke, the Mets set themselves from other baseball teams with have solid fan loyalty and players who play their hearts out, even if they lose.

The Mets are far better thean the Yankees because:

1) Yankee players don't care if they win or lose. They play because of a big pay check.

2) The Yankees are expected to win. With countless resources (thanks Steinbrener), the Yankees can sign any outstanding player. When they lose, its all over ESPN or SI.

3) Lets just admit it. Yankee fans are either band wagon jump ons or wannabe New Yorkers (Hillary Clinton). You see many people wearing the Yankees ball cap, but ask them about the team, they counld'nt tell you their starting line-up or their bullpen ERA.

If you want to see a team that every year makes it to October and ends up losing the whole thing. Be a Yankee fan.

If you want to see a team that cares about the great game of baseball, that has dedicated fans, and makes for some exciting October games. Be a MET fan.
NY Mets relieve pitcher Tug McGraw: "Ya gotta believe!"
by Capt. Crunch May 01, 2007
the new york mets are in 2006 one of the best teams in baseball the best in the sucky NL . But so is the other new york team the new york yankees. the difencie is the yanks buy good players while the mets actually have skill. But so do the yanks just that there rich pricks who cn only be good if they buy there players. THE METS ARE MORE HOOD AND GHETTO THEN THE YANKEES SO PEOPLE FROM THE HOOD STOP WHEREING THE FUCKING YANKEE HATS. ok this is why the mets are more ghetto ganster and hood then the yanks the come from haven nutin(no good players one year ) just like people from the hood but then the mets wrok hard save money and get out of it to win it all.
METS-are hood
YANKEES- rich pricks who buy everything to make every one eles suck so they can call themselves good
by METSMOTHERFUCKER August 31, 2006
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