Here is the true defintion.

The most important fact about a metal head is a person who is dedicated to the music. Not just classic metal or thrash or death metal. Nu Metal is metal to. I listen to all kinds of music death metal, thrash metal, and even Nu Metal. You people who are saying that Korn or Limp Bizkit are not true metal bands are not true metal heads so much as closed minded people who are afraid of change.

Another important part of being a metal head is you have to be a loner and only hang out with other metal heads. They can often be aggressive from being isolated from the rest of the world. However, they're very friendly towards fellow metal heads. They are not always likely to win in a fight like some have said. Many are wimps from sitting inside and listening to music or playing their instruments all day.

Many metal heads have longer hair but it's not a necessity. Leather is also not necissary and I prefer to not have it. Some heads wear clothes that are a little darker (not goth but similar) but again, it's not necisarry.

Gestures include swinghead back and forth with the rhythm of music which has been mentioned. But you guys forgot one important gesture. Devils horns. Index finger and pinky extended into the air.

Metal heads also have to be rebels. They do whatever they want whenever they want but they are not always lawless. They are much less likely to kill people than a rapper.
Ozzy Osbourne
James Hetfield
Johnathon Davis
Chester Bennington
Me and my crew.
by Okita-Kun August 04, 2005
Some one who listens to metal. Period. Whether it be thrash, death, grind, or even black metal, thats all there is to it. Listening to it. Metal isn't some cult. Metal isn't about wearing band t-shirts or doc martens or wearing black constantly. Metal is a type of music that lets you vent your frustration, not the way you dress.
Mallcore kid: Look at my wicked slipknot t-shirt. I'm total kvlt black metal because I wear black and listen to ICP.
Metal head: *smacks face with palm in disgust*
by atomskharuka May 26, 2007
A metal Head is anyone who listens to, and loves metal music. Sub-genres are not a factor. Clothing is not a factor. Whether you hate everything is not a factor. Whether you just like the older metal bands, or the newer ones doesn't matter either. To be a fucking metal head, all you have to fucking do is love metal music. Thats fucking it.
Me: i fucking love metal!
Someone else: he's a metal head!
by 56yhjf November 13, 2008
Someone who is heavily involved with some aspect of metal. Usually has long hair, wears black clothes, and has band-T's. But not always. Metalheads are defined by what they listen to, not how they dress. They often despise rap and they destroy anyone who disses metal round them.
metalheads often have short tempers
by Rubandu January 13, 2009
ANYONE who listens to and loves real metal regardless of how they dress or act or fight. "Metal Head" talks about ones music interests and not their personality.
metal head: one who listens to metal
by LPATR October 01, 2006
A person who likes metal music and attemtps (sometimes succeeds) in going to any metal concert they can. often mosh while fast music is playing. metal heads dont nessacarily wear black or wear band tee's they can dress however. Generally nice people edspite how some are imaged.
Sean(metalhead)~Pretty nice guy, kinda odd but still a good guy to hang out with, enjoys metal music and tries to go to the Ike Box as much as possible. Generally tries to get a bunch of people to join him but is cool if they cant.

Zach(wannabe)~Pretty mean, anti-social, sits in a corner while music play and complains how the band is pussy music, tries to stay away from concerts to avoid people.
by Breena May 06, 2007
A follower of true metal music. A person who usually still listens to original metal bands (Judas Preist, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Metallica, Pantera, Motley Crue, etc.). Almost always identified by long hair, sleeveless denim jacket (airbrush painting on back), chain wallet, studded bracelet, black tee, faded jeans (ripped knees, or cut-off shorts), black shoes: old high tops, boots, or worn out tennis shoes. Metalheads tend to be very aggressive due to the intense, adrenaline-surging music. They are very free willed, and don't care how they look. Tend to drink often, and can be found air guitaring in public, with freinds, or at parties. They know true metal, and don't argue it. They are also the last people you'd want to fight. Have great hatred for "emo kids" and wiggers. 95% can play an instrument, and is also very loud due to almost constant screaming. They will do as they please and let no one tell them otherwise, also most are fearless.
Wow, that metalhead took out two guys without spilling his beer. That is a true bad ass.
by metal_forever June 27, 2006
1. Someone who listens to metal music and/or any of its sub-genres (Heavy Metal, Classic Metal, Thrash Metal, Glam Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Industrial Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Hair Metal, Doom Metal, Alternative Metal, Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, Metalcore, Nu-Metal, ect.)
Someone who is open minded and respects other people's tastes in music, because they realize that their music isn't everyone's cup of tea.

2. An arrogant, elitist hypocrite who believes that his or her tastes in music is better than yours.
Someone who will criticize bands they don't like for doing things you'll see their chosen bands doing all the time (which they will conveniently ignore.)
Someone who complains about pop music and how bands such as Linkin Park are corrupting the metal industry.
Someone who mentions how much they hate Lady Gaga on a youtube video that has nothing to do with her to begin with.
Someone who constantly argues with the "no true scottsman" logical fallacy by saying that metal bands they don't like simply aren't metal (even though they are somehow corrupting the metal industry, see Linkin Park again.)
Someone who wants to tell you what to wear, how to act and what religion you should follow, while simultaneously accusing "mainstream" audiences of doing the exact same thing.
A homophobe that will call you a fag if you like music that he or she doesn't.
Type one metalhead: I like Metallica and Lady Gaga. I like Alice in Chains and Jazz music. I also like Linkin Park and Beethoven. And no, I don't see a problem with that.

Type two metalhead: You shouldn't listen to Linkin Park because they're not real metal. They're corrupting the metal industry with their shitty emo music. You can only listen to bands like Nightwish and Lacuna Coil. Everything else sucks. Besides, I think you're only listening to pop music because other people are telling you to. You're such a gay emo f**!!! Go DIE!!!
by F***TheWordLimit February 21, 2011
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