Person adhering to the metal culture.
Agressive in nature, yet very fun loving people, know how to have a great time, and thrash/mosh like none others.
Generaly wear black, army clothes, boots, studs and chains. May resemble Rivethead, though DEFINETLY not them.

Also, in Quebec/Canada, most metal heads are not of the "Metallica rulez" type, they listen to the extremely aggressive Death Metal produced from there. Extreme hyperblast and technical bands like Kataklysm, Cryptopsy, Martyr, Neuraxis to name a few are part of this style.
by nil_gnosis April 27, 2004
Someone who take's there metal seriously, and would give their life to save Dimebag Darrel R.I.P.
Chris Wilson is a metalhead.
by hjhjhjhjhjhjhj August 29, 2006
to start the true metal head actually does not label him/her self. he wears band shirts to show support for the bands he likes not to be labeled. normaly listens to gore, goth, black, speed, or thrash metal(nu & alt are not metal). extremely dislikes emo kids! they go to shows/concerts on a regular basis. they might seem serious but within them its totaly the opposite. they usualy play an instrument and are in a band. normaly wears blue, black or gray dickies or jeans w/ a band shirt & maybe doc martins.
some true metal head music: Iron Maiden, Slayer, Exhumed, Kreator, Vomitory. Emperor, Megadeth, Dimmu Borgir, Grave, Criptopsy, Craddle Of Filth, Brujeria, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse ext...
by Durge April 04, 2006
People of any race or background, who likes metal in general, there are many types of metal so characterizing metal is what true metal heads won't do, unless faced with a someone saying miley cirus is metal, which she is definitely not. metalheads can or can not wear a jacket, army boots with a band logo. many metalheads choose to wear something else and that does not make them non-metalheads. metalheads usually but dont always wear some black. anyone who is dedicated to metal is a metalhead. metalheads in some-way can relate to the song that they like, so your type of metal is based on who you are, or they may just like the tune, or whatever(just as long as they are dedicated). metalheads are not druggies or drunk mossers. they are actually generally intelligent, even though some may not. they may drink or do drugs but that is on a personal base not a general base of metalheads.
An example of a metal head is someone who is dedicated enough to go to a concert if they can actually make the distance. so just because you live on a island in the middle of the ocean and cant make it to a concert it does not make you a non-metalhead
by xxAaronxx May 20, 2008
A follower of the black/death/heavy/thrash metal genres. Usually has long hair, band shirt blah blah, but basically listens to metal.
there are thousands of good metal bands i could name, the point being there is alot of extremely good technical metal beyond slayer and metallica and cannibal corpse etc.

most of the best metal comes from europe.
by cromlech September 07, 2004
A proud listener of the Metal music genre. Metal can be broken down into sub-genre such as Power Metal, Death Metal, and much more. Such sub-genres such as Glam Metal and Nu Metal are widely critized and mocked by other metal heads. Some of the most well known bands are Black Sabbath, VENOM, and Bathory. The stareotyped metalhead dress is a denim patch jacket with multiple band patches on them, blue jeans, and a metal shirt, accompanied with shirt with a metal band on the front, combat boots, and long hair, usually past the shoulders but with modern times, short hair is also wildely accepted in metalhead culture. Though each of the different sub-genres also seem to dictate a different type of dress, such as Black Metal which dictates more of a black leather jacket, corpse paint, and bullet belts, or like Nu Metal idiotic baggy pants and shirts.
"Dude those crazy metalheads in the mosh pit totally smashed that stupid idiot with the SlipKnot shirt!"
by Soviet_Wolf February 07, 2008
One who listens and headbangs to all types of actual metal music, normally excluding Nu/Alt. metal such as Limp Bizkit or Disturbed. Metal heads have since died down in schools since the 90's. Metal heads are typically seen wearing jeans, a band t-shirt, and either long hair or buzzed head. Since most people to not understand the sub-genres of metal, metal heads are typically mistakened with goths.
Real Metal Bands: Pantera, Motorhead, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Diecast

Nu/Alt. Metal Bands: Limp Bizkit, Disturbed, Godsmack, Linkin Park
by metalex June 10, 2005

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