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1) A fan of Heavy Metal music, often stereotyped as dope heads or satanists. This stereotype is completely false (see Sam Dunn). A metalhead dresses however the hell he or she wants to, which is maybe the reason why we carry certain stereotypes, its very unfortunate. Many of us are very loyal and hard working individuals, we are not normally found working in high-paying jobs such as lawyers, doctors, politicians, etc, not because we can't do those jobs, but because we don't want to. We see the ugliness and corruption that goes on in the white collar world and we want no part of it. Most of all, we are the most passionate music fans on the planet.

2) A person who wants to destroy the emo culture.
You might be a metalhead if:

- You went to go see the movie Iron Man thinking it was a Black Sabbath documentary.

- Every time you hear someone say the word "master", you repeat it.

- You do a school reasearch project on Panthers, but write the whole thing in spanish (that's a clever one, might take you a few seconds to catch on).

- You did a book report on "Rime Of The Ancient Mariner" by Samuel T. Coleridge

- You win a poker game with the Ace Of Spades

- You want to defacate on Tipper Gore's grave

- You want to watch every emo get eaten alive by a pack of wolves

- You are intelligent

- You want the following songs to be played at your funeral:
Fade To Black by Metallica
A Tout Le Monde By Megadeth
Hallowed be thy name by Iron Maiden
Born In A Casket by Cannibal Corpse

- You think of an awesome Slayer song when you study the Holocaust.
by colossal_donut_666 March 29, 2010
A Metal Head is a fan of metal music. Just remember music comes from the saul, not the How To Be Cool section of the paper.

Teenage Preppy MTV Sellout 1: Hey! Look at the MetalHead! he's different from us! Let's go make fun of him!
Teenage Preppy MTV Sellout 2: Yeah!!!
Metal head: GWAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!(making devil horns with his hands)
Both Teenage Preppy MTV Sellouts: AIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!(Running like little girls and shitting themselves)
A person who likes metal music and attemtps (sometimes succeeds) in going to any metal concert they can. often mosh while fast music is playing. metal heads dont nessacarily wear black or wear band tee's they can dress however. Generally nice people edspite how some are imaged.
Sean(metalhead)~Pretty nice guy, kinda odd but still a good guy to hang out with, enjoys metal music and tries to go to the Ike Box as much as possible. Generally tries to get a bunch of people to join him but is cool if they cant.

Zach(wannabe)~Pretty mean, anti-social, sits in a corner while music play and complains how the band is pussy music, tries to stay away from concerts to avoid people.
by Breena May 06, 2007
Some of these descriptions area little bland so I'm going to try and tie up the loose ends. Metal Head attire isn't really necessary, though due to the music they listen to this generally defines their fashion. A band t-shirt supporting a band of either thrash, death, heavy or shred metal is usually seen, from the older forty plus year old metal heads, right down to the younger generation. Pants aren't that important and generally they adopt a set of baggy jeans, camo cargos or anything they can find such as old black slacks. Though Metal Heads are very defensive of their musical tastes they also respect certain alternate rockers, mainly for their instrumental expertise (Vai, Satriani, Herman Li, Yngwie Malmsteen). Hair is usually shaven or grown long, often left greasy. Facial hair may include a beard or clean shaven - though as before, nothing is definate. Shoes are generally a set of black pumps (generally not converse) or dark shades of skate shoes. Coats are often seen, either a dark green or camo with some adopting a leather jacket style attire with metal parts. They often have a tight knit group of friends, around 3 to 5 in number who they are most probably part of a band with and take part in recreational activities such as going to gigs and sitting around talking in town. Though calm they can be extremely strong when antagonised and Neds should never mistake a Metal Head for an emo, whom they despise for bringing down an entire sub-culture of metal into an abyss of pop. They generally have a good sense of humour and once befriended become a strong accomplice. Most real metal heads hate Nu-metal for dipping its feet into the pop-culture and will offend any music related to it or simply shun it away. (System of a Down, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, K0rn, NOFX, Green Day...)
Heavy metal bands - Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath etc
Thrash metal bands - Old School Metallica, Megadeth, Mastodon etc
Death/Heavy metal bands - Slayer, Pantera, Damageplan. Meshuggah, Iced Earth, Children of Bodom, Cannibal Corpse.
Alternate/Progressive metal/neo-classical - Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Rhapsody, Dragonforce, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dream Theatre.

These are a collection of the usual music influences Metal Head's have.
by Daniel Lewis May 03, 2006
A metal head is someone who listens to metal. Any metal at all. Shut up with all this "only 80s thrash metal" bullshit, and all the "true and false metal" crap.

Both thrash and nu-metal can be good in their own ways. There's no such thing as a "false metal" band. If it's metal, it's metal. Period. Who cares what genre Slipknot is in? Who cares if Testament is from the 80s? They're both metal, so it's not wrong for a metalhead to like them. I personally like both of them, so just stop the stupid debate of which bands are true and which are not.

However, a metalhead may indeed despise such music as rap, pop, or pop punk, for either being mainstream, or full of shit. And most of it is. However, just because a band is mainstream does not specifically mean it sucks. So System of a Down appeared on MTV. Does that mean they're the worst thing to happen to music since 50 Cent? No! They're simply getting their music out to more people. If you really want to vent your anger out because a band is popular, go take it out on their stereotypical fans, for being such airheaded idiots and making the band look bad - not the band itself.

As for the dress code, there is no set one. Most metalheads, however, can be characterized by either shoulder-length or shaven hair, leather jackets, band t-shirts, and lots of studs and spikes in their accessories. There is also no set way to behave in order to be a metalhead. You don't have to do drugs, you don't have to drink, and you don't have to be the toughest S.O.B. in the world who can demolish 20 asses in a fight. You can be a very friendly sweet person who hates fighting and still be a metalhead.

Just be yourself, and listen to all the great metal you love. That, is what makes you a metalhead. Not taking drugs and ranting about true and false metal. That, is what you call an intentional conformist.
True metalhead: (wearing a Slipknot shirt) Man, I'm bored. Anyone got a metal CD I can listen to?

False metalhead: (stoned out of his mind) yo u stupid lozer, Slipnot sux dik. Why doncha lizzen to true metal liek Pantera and Testament, u fuckin poser! Get high an' drunk, jus' liek all of uz!

True metalhead: For your information, I like both of them, and I don't need to be a stoned fucktard to show it.

False metalhead: Whuh? U cal meh namez?? Gah! (falls to the floor, knocked out)
by SomeBadJoke October 28, 2006
Metalhead (adj.)

Metal heads (or Head bangers) : They are a group ofindividuals who listen mainly Metal, but often have a wide variety of music tastes like Blues, Rock, Punk etc…They are very Liberal folks, non-Conformists, they enjoy partying,( rumour as it that metal heads praise a Beer God and drink in order to pray for protection in mosh, Knowledge in good music) Alcohol , Sex ( it’s strange fact, but metal heads do get laid a lot really) moshing, going to concerts and festivals and try to have as much fun as they can and doing some head banging to their favourite bands, they tend as early someone said to be a clannish group unlike others , that means that they are united by Metal, for example : if a metal head sees another being mugged , he’ll surely will try to help, Brotherhood-like.(Fact: Metal heads like to fight a lot! And sure have the gear for that, they tend to love battles of old, and thus they see themselves warrior-like, mainly the Viking\Nordic type or medieval type.)They seem very aggressive but that’s a stereotype, ‘cause they tend to be very fun, nice, cult and intelligent people, who have their own opinion, and different points of view, they tend to dislike the closed-minded, conservative, and main-stream people, Organized Religion like Christianity, Posers, Dumb Cults like Scientology and are wrongly associated with Satanic\Goth\Skin\Thieves\Drug-addicts, the truth is that most of them have Pagan Beliefs or simply have no belief, they tend have a very special care for their hair(when they have it), as is they’re most prized possession (some believe it’s a sign of status quo inside the clan, the bigger the hair, the bigger respect)They don’t give a fuck about what people think about them, they dress as they want, mainly black clothes ( see description in bottom ) , they tend to act in a relaxed fun way.The group is often swarmed with Poser\wannabe Metal heads who don’t think by themselves and have a scarce knowledge of Metal; on the other hand we have the common Metal head, mainly called TRVE (term often applied inside Black Metal heads, see description in bottom). Metal heads tend to have relations of affection with female metal heads or Goth-babes; there are exceptions of course. There are a lot of metal types like Black\thrash\death\ see wikipedia, and thus each type of metal produces different types of metal heads For example: Black Metal often produces metal heads in black leather jackets, filled with spikes, chains and bullet belts, and unreadable band t shirts names or logos, they tend to be the most aggressive along with thrash metal heads… but mainly metalheads listen a lot of different types of metal, but specializes in one or two.True: What’s Trve? Is the pursuit of knowledge and bands inside Metal genre etc…It’s a confusing term that only metal heads understand.Clothes\ways of recognising: Long-hair, military pants, chains, bracelets with spikes, Combat boots, leather jackets, band t shirts, Piercings\tattoos sometimes, a bottle of beer hiding somewhere, doc martens black in colour, bullet belts.
Metalhead: the mosher, the alcholoic, the sex addicted
by Sacrillege April 29, 2008
Anyone who listens to mostly metal.. Beer and weed don't apply to being a metalhead. Metalheads tend to know how to have a good time. A lot of them have quite the sense of humour, too and a strong hatred of the mainstream and emo, not all of course though.
Metalhead Joe: "I love metal, here are some of the bands I listen to: Amon Amarth, Anal Cunt, Anthrax, Arch Enemy, Arsis, Behemoth, The Black Dahlia Murder, Black Label Society, Black Sabbath, Burzum, Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Carpathian Forest, Cattle Decapitation, Celtic Frost, Children Of Bodom, Chimaira, Cradle Of Filth, Cryptopsy, Daath, Damageplan, Darkest Hour, Darkthrone, Death, Decapitated, Deicide, Devildriver, Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Fear Factory, Fuck...I'm Dead, Gwar, Haemorrhage, Heaven Shall Burn, Iron Maiden, Job For A Cowboy, Kalmah, Kataklysm, Lamb Of God, Martyr AD, Mayhem, Megadeth, Napalm Death, Necrophagist, Nile, Opeth, Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera, Skinless, Slayer, Suffocation, Superjoint Ritual, Tainted Euphoria, Tool, Unearth, Verbal Deception, Vital Remains, Vomitory."

Thomas: "Wow, just wow man... I think I love you!"
by Kayle O'Donovan August 13, 2007