1) The illest town on the south shore of Erie
2) The home of the world's largest annual bonfire (read: marsh fire )
3) Home of Cow-Tipping Olympics
How could it get better than Mentor?
by Shaggy November 05, 2003
Top Definition
1.(n) One who influences learning minds.
2.(vb) To influence a learning mind.
3.(prp n) The single position of master teacher held at the University of Cleav.(Fweeb the Mentor)
I love the influence of my mentor
I will mentor the ignorant.
The current Mentor of Cleav is Fweeb.
by Anonymous October 06, 2003
A porno metal band that sounds like Black Sabbath meets Hustler magazine that formed in the late 70s. Originally fronted by a bald bearded beer gut voclist/drummer guy known as El Duce. Who later got ran over by a train and killed back in April 1997. Also in the band was Dr Heathen Scum on bass and Sickie Wifebeater on guitar. The Mentors biggest claim to fame was back in 1985 when somebody during the Tipper Gore's PMRC congressional hearings read the lycics to "Golden Showers", from the album "You Axed For It".
Dr Heathen Scum still continues the Mentors band with a whole new crew.
by Paul Della Valle July 01, 2004
1. Breast implants
2. Big boobs.
from: Mentor Corporation, the #1 manufacturer of breast implants in the U.S.
Sittin' at the bar, I looked askance and caught her "Mentors" in my field of view, threatening to climb their way out of a thin black Armani dress.
by William Dean A. Garner September 11, 2003
The best city in northeast ohio, Cleveland is too big and polluted. But they have the best everything else. Mentor is better bacuase a president lived here.
Where do you live?
I live in Mentor.
What is that?
It is the best city ever.
(Then the neighboring states start yelling about potato pasketti)
by Homy dog34 September 29, 2009
A trusted 'teacher' or counselor, usually a more experienced person on the subjects of dirty intellectual foreplay and verbal intercourse; nasty and forbidden physical acts of desire, lust and hedonistic pleasure. The 'mentee' is completely safe within the space of one's most intimate and skilled lover.

My trusted mentor loves to titillate me with her words, tease me to full inhibition, guide me towards ecstasy, then, while shuddering, hold me like she has no other.
by Ms Evans September 12, 2008
They had great songs about fag bashing!
"fag bashing all the way...suffer sissy suffer..." etc.
by OMG taht roXoRz! ! ! ! ! ! February 16, 2005
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