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Oft times used as an insult by Christians against people who don’t worship their god. They tend to confuse Atheism, Paganism and Heathenism. Atheism is of course a lack of belief in any gods. Paganism is an umbrella term for many polytheistic non-Abrahamic religions. Whereas a heathen is one who practices the pre-Christian religion of the ancient Germanic people. They worship the Germanic and Norse gods and goddess’.

Heathens are hard polytheists, meaning they believe each god and goddess is a real and distinct individual not an aspect or archetype of a greater being. Besides the major gods spoken of in the lore, there are also local gods, ancestral spirits, and various sorts of wights. To a heathen reading and understanding one’s heritage is very important, this is why there is such a heavy emphasis placed on reading the sagas. Heathens take their religion very seriously.

Heathens have a very complex idea of the soul and of the afterlife (even though not much emphasis is placed on the here after as is in Christianity). In Norse Mythology humans were created from living and organic matter, not dead earth. The soul is made up of many parts, some that are passed down through the generations, all of which come together in a certain place and time to form a unique person. Some parts of the soul pre-exist this life, some parts continue to live on, and some perish upon death. There are nine worlds in Norse Mythology, Midgard which is Earth, Asgard which is were the Aesir dwell, Hel which is the realm of the dead (not to be confused with the Christian notion of fiery Hell), Ljossalheim (Means Light Elf Home), which is where the demigods and divinized ancestral spirits dwell (these would be the home of elves), Svartalfheim (meaning Dark Elf Home), similar in that ancestral spirits and demigods dwell here as well but has to do more with emotional than intellectual spirits (this would be the home of dwarves), Vanaheim which is where the Vanir dwell, Jotunheim this is where the giants live, and Muspellsheim and Nifelheim are the worlds of fire and ice respectively.

Another concept which makes Heathen’s unique is that of the Wyrd. Basically that you weave your own fate by the actions you take in life. Every action that you take or don’t take effects your wyrd. There is no forgiveness (or sin for that matter), if you wrong someone you must take action to make amends and set what is wrong right.

Many Heathens go by the Nine Noble Virtues which are Hospitality, Courage, Truth, Loyalty, Honor, Self Reliance, Perseverance, and Discipline.
Wicca is a Pagan religion whereas Asatru is Heathen.
by OneBadAsp October 15, 2006
Name of the newest Twenty One pilots song that just came out.
have you heard the new song of Twenty One Pilots "Heathens" already?
by Shoymendes June 16, 2016
A non-believer, usually coming from someone of a certain religion, directed to a person that does not believe in that religion.
A kid I know is such a devout Mormon he calls non-Mormon's heathens.
by Umbepo July 14, 2005
1.A person who is a non-believer or not religious
2. Uncivilized, a person who lack moral or culture principals
All my friends are heathens, take it slow.
by DunAddict June 29, 2016
'Heathen' means 'country-dweller' ('lives on the heath'). It's the English equivalent of the Latin-based word 'pagan', and refers to anyone who practices the original tribal religions of Europe, which were prevalent before middle-eastern faiths like Christianity and Islam made their way out of the desert. NOT to be confused with a 'Wiccan'.
Example? Yours truly (an Asatruarman), among thousands of others.
by Skallagrim Walker August 09, 2005
1. Barbaric, uncivilized. See Hipster

2. One who is an abomination in the eyes of God, or does not recognize Judaism, Christianity, or Durka Durka I mean Islam.

Though there is an inherent religious connotation, it is not necessarily redundant to refer to someone as a Godless heathen
My Little Pony is surprisingly popular with heathens.
by Anonamoot August 13, 2013
1)people who have never been devoted to religion
2)people who would be a threat to civilization because they have no money or books (in the olden times before the Bible)
3)people who have never had culture, this def. is just a little joking
4)people who like to act rowdy and make lots of noise, especially when it's a set of guys at parties, or a clique of aggressive girls who look like they like to cause a little trouble (and usually show the club a good time in the process)
5)people who look like they've never been to school or something but they dress like they're in the club right out of the trendy mall, basically a certain kind of hip hop crew that likes to dance or college athletes/frat guys that go out to drink and party with their regular posse and are kind of known around and kind of like to look aggressive, drink alot and most likely seek premarital sex (duh) or at least get some digits, they tend to look a little flashy or "dress to impress" but always as a specific set of regulars at their partying (not much older than 30)
def 3 - you should get out more, you're turning into some kind of heathen. or maybe, you should read a book or something, don't be a total heathen.

def 4 + 5 - uh oh guys here comes the heathen, get ready to pour some drinks

def 5 - when i go out to party in the clubs me & my dudes know how to get the crowd going! comeback - yeah, you and your heathen! 1st dude - yeah, we know how to throw a party!

def 1 - the heathen as they were called in ancient days were not known to build idols or altars since they had no gods and were usually not significantly advanced enough to have discovered farming, architecture or music. (ok teacher, grade please)
by white spanish November 23, 2009
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