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El Duce is lord, he started his rape rock band The Mentors in 1976, they mix stand up comedy with metal and porn. With great sucess came temptaiton and 1991, he left the Mentors becuase he could not play drums anymore due to his drinking. Later he would team up with bandmate Dr. Heathen Scum for some of his solo albums. But after Kurt Cobain'S "suicide" in 1994 El Duce came out with the fact that Kourtney Love paid him $50,000 to murder Kurt Cobain, he did not do it, and he even passed a polygraph test. A short time after he was "hit by at train" and died, but we all no that Kourtney Love conspired kill Kurt Cobain and El Duce.
Person 1: I fucked 2 fat women at the same time!
Person 2: Just like El Duce in the sandwich of love!
by Dokkensucks753 July 30, 2009
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El Duce was the alcaholic frontman (vocalist/drummer) of the porno metal band the Mentors. His real name is Eldon Hoke and took pride in his beer gut and bathroom sense of humor. It is rumored that he was offered $50,000 by Courtney Love to kill Kurt Cobain. El Duce was known to piss off the late Walley George and appeared on the Jerry Springer show a few months before he was run over by a train in the Las Angeles area back in April 21st 1997.
I personally met El Duce on three occasions.
by Paul Della Valle July 26, 2004
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(Pronounced: L Doo-chay) Someone who is very controling and closed minded. A real pain in the ass. Benito Mussolini's title and nickname in WWII.
"I would love to go out with you, but El Duce reigns supreme."
by DTRO25 October 07, 2008
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