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This word means that you misspelled the bandname "Megadeth" who's the greatest thrashmetalband fucking ever!
Megadeath surely sucks
Megadeth rocks
by Thomas AJ May 12, 2004
1 million deaths. Commonly used in reference to nuclear war.
targets in megadeaths
by Uncle Jim June 08, 2004
1. A thrash metal band (actually spelled megadeth.
2. death of 1,000,000+ people.
3. A band name change - Pink floyd made before it became pink floyd - "The Meggadeaths", along with "The Abdabs", "The Screaming Abdabs", "Sigma 6".
The meggadeaths, The Abdabs, The Screaming Abdabs, Sigma 6 are all fairly odd names for bands in the 60s. megadeath
by ldl67 January 24, 2007
Megadeth- one of the most bitchin thrash metal bands ever
Megadeath- when more than more than 1million people die from a nuclear explosion or zombie attack.
I was listening to megadeth yesterday and i realized how fun it was to smash stuff

Geez don't go commit a fucking megadeath.
What happens when a girl gives a beating to all who try to have babies with her man.
If you don't stop trying to have babies with the Chancellor, there will be a megadeath.
by Gillian Vagilian May 16, 2006
The action of hiccuping, burping, coughing, sneezing, ears popping, farting, pooping, and peeing all at the same moment, causing instant death. Viewing it will cause instant Megadeath to the viewer
"Elvis isn't dead. He just had a Megadeath and passed into an alternate dimension"

"Did you hear about that kid at the park? He had Megadeath and everyone at the park caught it and died!"
by WhyamIpostingthis July 03, 2013
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