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Standing up from your seat to get a better look at some fuss going on elsewhere in your office - especially if looking over your cubicle wall.
Wesley was yelling to Peter about the website and the rest of the staff were meerkatting.
by Count Ludwig August 26, 2010
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The act of raising oneself up in an alert manner when a potential fitty walks past / nearby to get a better view / perve
Paul & Mark were caught meerkatting in the office when Rachel walked past the window
by sc00byd00byd00 April 13, 2010
How your spouse/significant other looks at you when they are bemused at something you are doing. He/she stands perfectly still with just a silly smirking look, waiting to see what you are going to do next.
I was sitting on the kitchen counter, painting my toenails, when I see my husband meerkatting me from the doorway.
by SuzyQ April 08, 2015
The alarmed look that one gives when they hear the words "quiz", "exam", or "grade"--it resembles a meerkat being on alert for predators.
"Dude, she was totally meerkatting when she heard me talk about the radiology grades being posted...even though she was eavesdropping while I was enjoying my Chicken Enchilada soup!"
by ALmeatball February 11, 2013
The act of raising oneself up when receiving a lapdance in order to get closer to the action
Yo check Jon out he is totally meerkatting on that bitch
by Louchebag April 06, 2010
When you are in a crowded area (a bar or something) and you see someone you know, or else possibly a potential enemy and you get on your tippy toes trying to see over every body in a meerkat stance. Or maybe like drew brees in the pocket.
Does this bitch got a problem look at her over there just meerkatting a motherfucker.
by georgie_mcfly March 02, 2015
the act of sitting at Dolores park, peering around trying to see if you know anyone.
meerkatting - (ie potential exes to hide from, or the roommate of that girl you're trying to bang.)
by mamadon April 10, 2010

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