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My cell phone plan.
Qwest wireless customer: "Damn it, I pay $40 a month for this piece of crap, and it has no service!!"
by BLAM May 23, 2004
The inevitable status of the Steel Town public transit system after you've accidentally blown all your cash in Hess Village and all you've got to barter with is your suddenly worthless University Student ID Bus Pass causing girls to either a)sweet talk a cab driver, b)whoreishly hook-up or c)stumble more than 20km across downtown Hamilton to Westdale through the snow in stilettos and in all too few items of clothing.
Shit! I'm so drunk, I'm lost downtown and I got no mo-mo! I called the bus but there's NO SERVICE! We're gonna be raped on the way home for sure!
by JennyJumps December 02, 2004
AT&T's wireless service
My phone says no service until I lay down on the floor.
by madeindee80s June 02, 2004
Going somewhere or hanging out without wearing a shirt and/or shoes. Comes from commonly seen signs, "No shirt, no shoes, no service."
The smile alone is golden, but include the fact that you are going no service and that's just a recipe for disaster!
by MoonKnight September 23, 2003
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