Gaint to small robots or cybernetic cover suit that generally have some kind of weapontry or harmful side effect.
That mecha over there has two laser cannons and two missle lauchers on it.
by mecha4ever March 10, 2003
Top Definition
1) Japanesse slang for Mech (piloted robot)
2) A giant or small robot used in Japan controlled by a person 18-21 years of age, with the exception of "the choosen one" type of pilot who is usually 15 years of age.
3) Robot with unbeileveable power, weapons, and height. Usually defies the laws of physics.
4) Can usually be found in Anime, secret underground factories, and outer space.
5) Also see Gundam
"Check out the super proton cannon on that gigantic mecha being pilot by some asian kid who is distroing the evil empire group called The Company."
by Rodney November 22, 2003
Mecha- A synthetic or artificial creature or machine which is of generally humanoid or other form. An intelligent program of piece of code inhabiting or controlling a body is also known as a mecha, which is short for mechanical.
In the poorly produced A.I., which made a mockery of us AI programmers, the mecha known as David was abondoned by his mother, only to ressurect a copy of her in the distant future and watch her die after she falls asleep the first day of her new life.
by Nanite10.4 December 16, 2003
MEChA stands for Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlan. Or Student Movement Chican@ of Aztlan. The official moto of MEChA is "La Union Hace La Fuerza" or 'Together we are stronger'.

The purpose of MEChA is encourage Chican@s to go finish college, a safe place for Chican@s to discuss political issues, and to organize protests and/or boycotts.

MEChA was founded in the 1960's during the protests of the war in Vietnam. During this time they published some documents that some took as militant. But since then MEChA has yet to organize any kind of violent protest.

Many have used MEChA documents from the 1960's to smear MEChA but have yet to point out any current events that would be considered violent or militant.

All MEChA chapters are independent from one another. Meaning that one MEChA chapter does not take orders from another chapter.
MEChA's moto: La Union Hace La Fuerza
by Smoking_Chimalli October 13, 2006
mechas- matches. book of matches. Mexican slang. Southwest
You got the mechas ese?
by RobDogSoCal September 25, 2009
mecha reffers to any mechanical construct of death that is controlled by a pilot who sits in a cockpit of some sort.
Power Armor is not considered mecha.
"Run away, some big fuggin mecha are coming!"
"What, is this the biggest gun you can mount? Shucks..."
by Swissjak March 29, 2004
or mechakucha
meaning messy, messed up, crazy, extremely, etc.
my room is now so mechakucha!
he made my project mechakucha.
that is mecha kawaii!
by Mitan April 22, 2008
Peruvian slang for the word "fight"
Oe won, viste la mecha de Rodrigo con Javier?

Si, estuvo brava
by Mz_Perú January 29, 2010
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