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(noun) 1.the japanese word for a small child 2.the japanese word to rudely call someone small 3.a term that is used WAY too often by many otaku girls/boys...usually girls...

1.(in japanese)that chibi is so cute!
2.Oy, chibi!we've got a bone to pick with you!
3.That chibi is mecha kawaii!^.^

#chibi #cheebee #chibiko #chibi chan #chibi-chan
by Mitan April 22, 2008
or mechakucha
meaning messy, messed up, crazy, extremely, etc.
my room is now so mechakucha!
he made my project mechakucha.
that is mecha kawaii!
#mecha #mechakucha #mechacoocha #machakoocha #mechakoocha
by Mitan April 22, 2008
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