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1) Japanesse slang for Mech (piloted robot)
2) A giant or small robot used in Japan controlled by a person 18-21 years of age, with the exception of "the choosen one" type of pilot who is usually 15 years of age.
3) Robot with unbeileveable power, weapons, and height. Usually defies the laws of physics.
4) Can usually be found in Anime, secret underground factories, and outer space.
5) Also see Gundam
"Check out the super proton cannon on that gigantic mecha being pilot by some asian kid who is distroing the evil empire group called The Company."
by Rodney November 22, 2003
A team of survival enthusiasts whos mission is to make sure you are prepared for any crisis situation that might come along in your daily life which may include having your face eaten.
"Zombie Squad is a group of elite individuals, who train vigorously to thwart the approaching zombie menace."
by Rodney December 28, 2004
some big titties
that girl has some nice tiggies!
by rodney May 07, 2003
the lumps of joy attached to chests of the female species, sometimes fat guys
damn she has some fine boobaloobs
OH MY FUCKING GOD hes so fat he has boobaloobs
by rodney March 06, 2005
it is a kind of piss which is fast and hurts abit.
damn i need a whazz
shit he whazzed himselff
im the whazz meister
by rodney March 06, 2005
there is a distortion of the word John for every letter of the alphabet:
zeawn processor!!!
awwnnn mell lak bias
by Rodney October 14, 2004
When a person in police custody suddenly loses consciousness, usually after booking and while in the sallyport for the night. The "patient" rarely has any legitimate medical condition.

Sallyport Syncope may also include complaints of chest pain, difficulty breathing,abdominal pain, headache, suicidal ideation,weakness, dizzyness, nausea.

Condition can affect anyone under arrest, but most commonly strikes the scrote population.
" Another scrote is having sallyport syncope and wants to spend a few hours in the Emergency Department"
by Rodney May 01, 2004
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