Gaint to small robots or cybernetic cover suit that generally have some kind of weapontry or harmful side effect.
That mecha over there has two laser cannons and two missle lauchers on it.
by mecha4ever March 10, 2003
Spanish slang used in Central America for gun, weapon, revolver.
Hey Carlos.. if you're gonna go to the Casino, you better hide your mecha real well.. those bastards will surely search you!
by Jorge February 19, 2004
a Japanese word meaning 1) unreasonably or 2) excessively, as in mecha kawaii--"how cute." Used now in English to mean extremely as in, mecha-groovy.
We're mecha-groovy (from the Capitan Underpants series)
by Jorzef January 18, 2008
Short for "Mechanical"
I love watching anime shows which have cool-looking mechas.
by AYB March 11, 2003
A racist hate gang for illegal Mexicans nationals in the USA.

Very similar to La Raza and Brownpride and the KKK
There's no difference between MEChA and the KKK
by ihatelosangeles July 07, 2005
An intellegent person.
Dude, your a freaking Mecha!
by Samanosuke_01 October 19, 2004

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