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Internet slang for "maybe".
"Damn it. Did you take my Klondike bar?"
"...Mebbe. >>;"
by Aaron A. Brown June 17, 2005
stupid internet slang for "maybe".
mebbe I am too lazy to type maybe.
by Anonymous June 30, 2003
Slang term for maybe, used predominantly in the north of England
"Are you coming down to the bowling alley later to play Dance Dance Revolution?"

"Mebbes, I have some Maths coursework to finish first"
#maybe #england #mebbe #may be #slang
by felipes February 17, 2010
Something Eric Hamilton says that is supposed to mean 'maybe' but really means 'probably not.'
"Eric, are you going to play League with us later? It's been months since you've been on."

#no #absolutely not #a snowballs chance in hell #the adventures of pluto nash #france
by jessmellen July 23, 2015
term to say yes without actually saying so.
"Do you like him?"
"Mebbe ..."
#maybe #yes #sorta #kinda #possibly
by Anonymous007bee-otch February 24, 2008
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