A word to describe someone who does something that is completely out of place and it makes them look exceptionally dumb in the process.*The 'meatstick's' friends might say it to said 'meatstick' to describe his or her behaviour afterwards.
Guy1: I can't believe I spilled my drink on that girl and she freaked out in front of everyone.

Guy2: Ya man, you looked like a fuckin' meatstick.
by Dizzy15 September 22, 2012
erect male penis
i hit will over the head with my meat stick because were gay
by pizza nipples April 17, 2009
Noun, used in place of a proper name.
1. someone who is persistantly sarcastic, and an ass hole.
2. someone who despite constant ridicule, still uses the phrase "that's what she said.." every 10 to 15 minutes.
Me: "Man, did you see that explosion? That was massive.."

Babcock: "That's what she said.."

Me: "Meatstick, you are a Douche."
by the bluemeanie December 21, 2008
1) A hockey player who can unleash a wicked slap shot.
When it comes to power plays the coach always sends out the meat stick players on the perimeters to score a goal.
by Joachin40 November 30, 2010
A guy who mentions his body fat percentile in the first 5 minutes of conversation.
Introduction of a Meatstick: "Hi, how are you. My name is Chris. I like car racing, going to the gym, lifting weights, my motorcycle, rock concerts and Justin Timberlake. My body fat percentage is 10%. I'm looking to meet a nice girl who likes long walks on the beach, riding bareback and cooking."
by Mary Mac April 25, 2007
my wang
you know....
by nhoj October 29, 2003
My boyfriends nickname because he has a large penis.
Come here meatstick!
by The Crackette July 24, 2003

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