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A general term for idiot.
<somebody does something stupid>
"What a meatstick."
by Swanneh March 27, 2008
1. Sophisticated equivalent to "Doh!"
2. A neutral way of greeting someone.
"Wow, you got an F on that test man."
"Have a day."
by Swanneh March 27, 2008
When a passenger disconnects the driver's iPod from the car stereo to put their own in.
Me: Dude, I was listening to King Crimson last night and I got iPod jacked.
You: That shit's fucked.
Me: Yeah man, Never Shout Never can suck my balls.
by swanneh January 25, 2010
To hit F1 on somebody's computer multiple times to achieve a freeze, lag, or general annoyance due to the massive amount of help windows which open.
Mr. Hoffman: "Did you do that to yourself?"
Spano: "No, I left and he just F1'd me to death!"
by Swanneh April 09, 2008
Slang term for the Little Tykes Product the Moo Moo Mower.
Me: Dude, I got an MX3 for Channuka!
You: I want one!
by Swanneh March 26, 2008
Not to be confused with Passover, the Jewish holiday, this is when you sleep-over a friends house and rather than actually falling asleep, you pass out.
"Hey man, you wanna have a pass-over."
"Hells yes!"
by Swanneh March 30, 2008
To pwn somebody who's seen Star Wars Episode III.
Dinks: Who locked me out?!
Me: Dude you got Order 66'd.
by Swanneh May 29, 2008

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