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A condiment. Popularized by Arby's
Who the hell doesnt know what horseradish means, and why are you looking it up here?
by bjdhs May 12, 2005
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adj.) utterly inaccurate

used to express an opinion of disbelief
His/Her teaching method is horseradish.


That referee call was horseradish, if you ask me.
by navigator883 November 06, 2009
Like mayonnaise, it's not an instrument.
*Patrick raises hand
Squidward: Horseradish is not an instrument either.
by beeeel March 04, 2014
The uncomfortable sensation caused by water going up one's nose.
Man, I shouldn't have tried that underwater somersault - I have major horseradish. Ow.
by Womanana July 10, 2008

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