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Extremely violent and perverted Death Rapper from Brooklyn.
"Necro is my favorite rapper, but I wouldn't want to meet him, he's obviously a lunatic"
by Wardog July 10, 2008
n. Any non-electrical tool that can be used for breaking-and-entering or assault, especially heavy tools that can be used to bludgeon and batter.
"I know he wasn't fixing a leaky faucet with that monkey wrench. That was undoubtedly his hooligan tool."
"I always carry my good ol' crowbar with me at night. You could say it's my hooligan tool, and you'd be right."
"He didn't have a car, but he carried a tire iron with him and looked at us menacingly. I was afraid he would clobber me with his hooligan tool."
by Wardog July 10, 2008
1) The first and the last and everything in between in a series.
2) the entirety of the multiverse.
3) The inherent perfection of the space-time continuum.
"I am the Alpha-Omega, my way in itself complete. I am the Continuum."
by Wardog July 10, 2008
1) n. Young males who go berzerk in the mosh pit and who's favorite part of a song is the mosh riff.
2) adj. Music geared towards Meatheads, with little musical complexity or innovation, such as Hatebreed or Terror.
1) I had no idea Pennywise fans were such meatheads but they all started moshing five minutes before the band was even onstage!
2) I love Terror mostly for the overabundance of Meathead riffs.
by Wardog July 10, 2008
A war cry, either a greeting or a challenge, usually both
What's up fool! Hent!
by wardog August 30, 2006
A ceramic sphere with an abstract ornate pattern emblazoned on it, often with a hole on one end.
Oh, blimey, don't break that crikey!
by wardog October 24, 2006
A vicious stabbing administered by New York rapper, Necro.
"Juxed 51 times, women screaming, blood everywhere, bound and gagged, i'm feeding stabs."
by Wardog July 10, 2008

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