another word for a guard at a famous hardware store in salford precinct
short fat man,weird testicles and bad feet. use to be 6ft 6 before the weight issues hence being a meat head, or wow have you seen that meat head , omg that meat head has a dead dog
by Graham Meatball January 30, 2010
a guy(most of the time) who is obsessed with foot ball and weight lifting and wrestling ect.. 24/7
dylan thorington is a meathead
by dacj July 16, 2003
A meat-eater; a carnivore.

A male or a female who exclusively eats meat, or who can't skip a meal without some sort of meat in it. Someone who would rather eat steak tartar than any kind of vegetable. A person who thinks vegetarians are crazy and probably malnourished. Someone who doesn't think it's food unless there were once bones in it. Someone who is offered fish, duck or chicken and asks "Where's the beef?"
If the choice for breakfast is oatmeal or dry cerial a meathead will whine about his missing bacon. Even eggs don't cut it without bacon or at least sausage. A meathead won't even enjoy huevos rancheros for brunch much less quiche. Better get him a steak.
by yogi juan February 27, 2011
Meat Head... a meat head is either; a person with a large head, a person who's head is shaped like a peice of meat,a person who always has the thought of meat on thier minds or even a comeback/remark on the shape of a persons head in a situation of which a comeback/remark is needed.
''Hey... dude look at that guys head. its all meat shaped and large''
''shut up sam, you've got a meat head so yeh.''
by The Duke of Mexico May 03, 2009
Rugby Players...of the chav variety. Usually come in all shapes and sizes, and each others assholes. Muscle grows where no man can grow muscle, replacing brain tissue with muscle tissue. Usually taking on the accent similar to a plymouthian or plymptonite, with phrases such as "'ere fock" and "ya cont" which strangely enough translates as "Here Fuck" and "You Cunt." These apes....sorry rugby players are consistently fucking around, and trying to sleaze younger girls (usually aged between 19 and 12) Not only are these meatheads complete tossers, they also have minions (also known as little bitches) who think that they are powerful due to there large ameoba-likr rugby players

Tom Arscott, Aaron Croukshanks, Ben Hooper, Baz, and all the other tossers doing BTEC at Ivybridge Community College.
by Mr Collins May 07, 2005
Meathead is the common name for a species that is believed to be the evolutionary deadend from cross-breeding between chimpanzees and neanderthals. Meatheads may be identified by their physical traits which include abnormally large upper torso and especially large biceps (or “guns”) and low mental capacity. They may be observed in their natural environment "the gym" and typically congregate around squat racks and dumbells. They are often observed carrying gallon jugs of water and protein bars and/or shakes. It is highly recommended to speak slowly, using the most basic vocabulary when conversing with a Meathead.
Meathead1: "Have you tried the new protein powder? It has 51g per serving!!"

Meathead2: "Have you tried the new protein bar? It has 25g of protein!"
by weezy12 March 06, 2013
A person who achieves greatness through self-motivation, dedication and knowledge of the bodybuilding art. They are looked down upon by the weaker willed, excuse ridden, unmotivated scum of the Earth. A meathead strives to prove the power of the human body and potential dedication of the human mind. They do not demand respect; they earn it.
Landia Whales - "Look at those stupid meatheads"
Everyone else - "They looking dedicated, thick, solid and tight. It seems like they smart enough to understand the basics of nutrition, so who is stupid now?"
by mirin_zues_son August 28, 2012

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