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the best TV program ever created. Evily canceled by fox.
Futurama - "comming soon to another channel"
by tranquil_demon August 18, 2003
a rock god, also know to act and give spoken word preformances. Lead singer of the Rollins Band, formely of black flag and Henryeta Collins and the Wife Beating Child Haters. An inteligiant, amusing and passionate preformer.
Henry Rollins is the last great punk preformer.
by tranquil_demon August 05, 2003
the worlds worst newspaper.

Supported the fascists in the 60s now, today is content with biggotry snipping at good tv, film and music, and attacking the defcless (asylum seekers for example)

Incredicly infuryiating to read.
by tranquil_demon August 29, 2003
prehaps the worlds stupidist economic policy, based on the premis that if you make the rich ritcher, that they will somwhow improve the condition of the poorest. Involves a great mis-understanding of human nature (and the nature of econmics)
How the west oppresive goverments (Chilie, Mexico, most of Africa, many asian countries) strong, to avoid popular rebelions.
by tranquil_demon August 12, 2003
a conjunction meening "in the even that"
by tranquil_demon September 06, 2003
1) the least good
2) the most ungood
by tranquil_demon September 06, 2003
added a definition of Goth to urban dictionary, with the worst spelling i have ever seen.
KIz KId is a prick.
by tranquil_demon August 12, 2003

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