A man who is proud of his size and muscles.

These people usually invest a lot of time and money on their physical enhancements rather than expanding mental abilities.

Meat head's psychology is base on masculinity and intimidation.

Meat heads in general drive:
- V8 such as Trucks and Muscle Car (AMERICAN ONLY)

Meat heads in general shop base on:
- Size and Shape

Meat heads work in fields of construction such as housing, rail and road maintenance, or sport/fitness trainers in civilian or military sector.

Meat heads are mostly after blond chick who are physically relatively small and light.

1)A person who is driving a heavy duty truck most likely can be categorized as a meat head since:

He is driving the truck for reasons related to work or for masculinity.

If former is the case, ie he is driving the truck for work purposes, then he must be working in a job which requires lots of muscle and not much of brain use. For instance jobs such as construction and etc.

If the latter is the case, ie he is driving the truck to show his masculinity, then he is all about muscles and intimidation.

Both cases lead to the same conclusion that the driver is a meat head.

In terms of probability, it can be said that most of meat heads can be spotted base on their vehicle that they are driving.

other examples:

2) Meat head's BBQ is not just any type of BBQ. The Meat Head's BBQ has to be big and masculine. You can spot a Meat Head by looking at his BBQ.

3) Meat heads wear muscle shirts to show their muscles. Meat heads use tattoos to attract more attention.

by Meat head pyschologist April 28, 2009
One derivation of this term comes from perception of society that people who devote large amounts of their time to lifting weights in the gym must not be very bright, due to the excessive nature of the weight-lifting activity. There is further perception that a bodybuilder or weightlifter has other serious shortcomings that result in him/her feeling the need to devote their lives to changing their body shape by rigorous exercise. Thus we call someone a meat head due to the assumption that their head is full of meat or muscle, and not brain tissue. Meathead is thus synonymous with stupid.
That guy is such a meat head.
by EricCP August 17, 2007
The guy that purposely stands in the way in a bar or club waiting for someone to make eye contact or brush past him so he can start a fight.

A meathead will spend all his time lifting weights and generally being an arrogant prick whose goal primitively is based on intimidating other males who're often a lot smaller than them.

The mentality of a meathead is that having the capability to beat up the majority of normal sized males makes him better than everyone else and makes up for his poor intelligence.

A meathead will often make cruel/physical jokes to friends and acquaintances, meant to appear light hearted, but actually are just assertions of their power- which they'll follow by "i'm just pulling your leg" or "I was joking mate! Don't look so serious!".

Avoid these guys when they're out on the piss because they take the opportunity and pleasure to fight ANYONE. Can be identified by bulging muscles, tight tops and many girls under the age of twenty asking to buy them drinks.
Someone using anabolic steroids doesn't necessarily make them a meathead, it's about mentality and ego-centricism rather than size and strength.
Friend 1: "Looks like another meathead is kicking off and spoiling everyones night again."

Friend 2: "Hopefully he's barred and we don't have to look a this dick week in week out."
by Max0491 February 14, 2011
Someone who posts their name on Urban Dictionary followed by a bunch of untruthful egotistical comments. Usually done by cowardly teenage jocks with undersized genitalia.
I'm tired of all those idiotic teenage meathead's posting useless definitions on urban dictionary and wasting the time of it's editors.
by CurvedMirror October 24, 2008
Someone above average head, below average intelligence, spends a lot of their time looking in the mirror at their muscles,spends their free in the weight room, and grunts during reps.
Michael Parker was looking at his reflection while currling, when someone yelled hey meathead stop looking at yourself.
by n49333 October 02, 2008
A guy usually over obssessed with constantly working out. A doof who pries only on looking good and scoring with as many chicks as possible. Usually the likes of a college franternity, binge drinking, club hopping, egotystical maniac. Though may be easy on the eyes, this guy offers no personality to the table and has "one night stand" written all over him.
John's lack of personality and sexual promiscuity remind's me just how much of a meat head he is.
by girlnextdoorxjbx April 03, 2008
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