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An unexpected change.
How the fuck are you gonna hit me with that twist? That's the biggest twist of the year. Thank you for the first twist of the year. This shit is bullshit.
by tw February 17, 2003
lacks adequate funds (seems to be a Brit or Aus term). Same as Stone Broke in the US.
Googled most frequently in other online dictionaries, but typical usage could be, "Ppl who are stony broke rarely get the chance to post 'stony broke' on the net." :-)
by tw August 25, 2004
Sugar Cola doesn't contain Artificial Sweeteners (weird chemicals). As contrasted to "Diet Cola".
A 12 oz can of Sugar Cola contains about 40 grams (equivalent of about 10 teaspoons) sugar, but weird fake-sugar chems might screw up your kidneys. Maybe you should just drink some water when you feel thirsty.
by tw August 25, 2004
An extremely small penis, with extremely small balls underneath it.
Brad Thorson flashed his penis at my pool, forgetting that he had a needle dick.
by TW December 19, 2004
An embarrassingly small penis with an ejaculation time of 15 seconds.
Brad Thorson has a needle dick
by TW December 19, 2004
Definition: The clitoris of a jewish girl

Background: Common slang.

Example: Did you play with her dreidel?
Did you play with her dreidel?
by TW December 10, 2004
when you have sex with someone at the beach then get some sand on your dong but keep going.
Corndogging hurts man!
by tw December 23, 2004
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