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1) the best italian food ever... especially when made by an old italian guy

2) the nickname of the best funniest guy in the world. The best guyfriend, best boyfriend, best neighbor. Good person to teach you sports, great bod, and great food
Girl one: what's for dinner?
Girl two: Meatballs, homemade!
Girl one: YUM!!!!

Girl: Meatball!
Meatball: Hey, watsup, i was just gonna play baseball? wanna join me?
Girl: sure, but i'm really bad grabs the bat and gets into the stance
Meatball smirks: that's okay, i'll teach you, and we can correct your stance first off
Girl blushes: told you i was bad
by DISappear2888 April 13, 2009
6 9
fat narcissist, especially one prone to deception and theft
jordan over-ate, grew manboobs, went broke, then doctored bills to steal money from his own housemates... god, what a meatball!
by maker of minced meat May 08, 2008
1854 294
A girl who has large breast, a big butt, but is short as hell, mainly found in New Jersey
Ugh, that girl looks like a god damn meatball
by Mocoholi December 22, 2010
503 262
Meatballs are tasty balls of minced beef or lamb

Hmmm I love these meatballs did you cook them, oooh they are the dogs bollocks
by legs akimbo April 03, 2007
97 41
A short, fat, sloppy, obnoxious girl.
Snookie and Deena from Jersey Shore are such Meatballs.
by MEATBALLZ4LYFE February 23, 2011
226 190
a girl who is very short, under 5 ft 1, thick, with a big ass and boobs to match. She is always a blast to be around and knows how to party! Made popular by Snooki and Deena.
"You see that short girl beatin' up that beat? She's a member of team meatball."
by CrPg December 05, 2011
72 59
Noun: Usually applied to persons of evidencing a lack of common sense. Syn: Goof, Lackwit, Nimrod.
"Man, Mickey was trying to impress some girls, fell out of a tree and landed on his head... What a meatball."
by Chris A. March 30, 2003
263 251
2 beautiful,and funny ass girls who just like to get wild and have fun, and surround themselves with idiots who use this website as their bible.
Ex 1.
"I love my meatball"
"I love you too meatball!"

Ex 2.
"Damn,I love the meatballs!"

Ex 3.
"Damnnnn I saw you two get wild last nighttt. Meatballllllin for sure."
by jajasuckitbitches November 13, 2011
54 44