Ordinary human male, "just a guy."

Popularized by Bruce Willis in film THE FIFTH ELEMENT.
.."I am a meat puppet" (said to police).
by al-in-chgo May 30, 2011
One who bury's his hand inside a girls Vagina to use her as his own puppet.
by munkeynuts4u September 11, 2009
Porn slang for a male porn actor
"Hard-on Harry can't make it today, sir. He was in an accident involving a rubber swing..."

"Forget about it... you don't need to be a genius to be a meat puppet! He can be replaced easily..."
by Courtney April 06, 2005
the phenomenon of a man being able to move or shake his erect penis around without touching it or moving any other part of his body; can also refer to a man manipulating the urethra hole to make the penis talk.
Man: Hey baby, this meat puppet can't suck itself!
His penis (meat puppet): Yeah, bitch!
by OBPAEH January 25, 2008
What the recipient of digital sex becomes if 3 or more fingers are used.
Veronica was a meat puppet of the highest order, to the extent that over the years she had collected enough rings to open her own jewelry store.
by Scandall May 25, 2008
a rock & roll girlfriend. a substitute term for guys who feel lame saying "i have a girlfriend."
man, billy's meat puppet is strutting some serious strut today. damn, he's lucky!
by k.zazzle March 21, 2007
A person of below average height, such as a midget, who enjoys having entire hands, or fists, inserted into their rectum, thus looking like a live puppet to any viewers.
She enjoyed having every man's hand from the local hockey team up her ass and being their meat puppet mascot.

He took his hand and jammed it up the meat puppet's ass. It looked like Kermit with blood and shit squirting everywhere.
by JohnnyBravo2 July 15, 2008

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