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An actor.
"These are the finest meat puppets I've ever controlled." - Joss Whedon on the 'Firefly' cast.
by llamas007 February 02, 2013
Batherosclerosis is a condition in which the bath tub drain wall thickens as a result of the accumulation of hair and general human filth resulting in a bath tub that has to be left overnight to drain properly. Curable with a plunger, gas mask and a strong stomach.
Person 1: Your bathtub has a sever case of batherosclerosis.
Person 2: Oh Dear!
Person 3: Not to worry! I shall brave the filth with my mighty plunger! For Narnia!
Person 2: My hero!
by llamas007 April 07, 2013
A reference to Groucho Marx in "Animal Crackers". Said when someone who deserves to be insulted is dissed in a very witty way.
Dr Daniel Heimbauch: If marriage is radically redefined as being just a way of affirming private feelings of loving attraction then equality would require allowing people who love dogs to marry dogs and people who love ice cream to marry ice cream!

Jon Stewart: Yes, That's exactly right! You know I realize now that's not a bald head that's a solar panel for a dumbass machine.

Audience member: Hooray for Captain Spaulding!
by Llamas007 May 26, 2012
Choir slang for a slight, usually uncontrollable and involuntary bobble of the head and/or jaw while singing. Considered cool for some styles such as pop and jazz but irritating in genres such as musical theater and especially in film musicals. Vibobble can be considered cute if involuntary but is usually a bad thing if exaggerated or done on purpose.
From the words "vibrato" and "to bobble"
-That guy playing Marius had some serious vibobble going on.
-Aww man, if I can't learn to control my vibobble, I'll never make it on Broadway.
-I love the way his head vibobbles when he hits that high note.
by llamas007 January 01, 2013
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