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25 definitions by pamschel

A person so useless that nothing good ever comes out of them. In fact, the only thing that ever does come out of them is shit. The ass hole occupies the lowest spot in the totem pole of all the human body parts, except for penises of course when they are put where they don't belong by their ass hole owners such as into mouths and/or the assholes of themselves or others.
Let's avoid that person. She is an ass hole. She is similar to that well known sphincter muscle which is capable of only two actions, holding shit back or letting shit pass on through to the other side. ok?
by pamschel October 05, 2006
Noun German word.

The sound produced upon detonation of an atomic bomb.
Emile: Gott am Himmel! Einen Earschplittenloudenboomer!
by pamschel May 25, 2008
2. Fuck The Army. This was a very common grafitti often seen during the Vietnam war written on walls all the way from Saigon to the Halls of Tripoli.
Let's write F.T.A. on that wall over there in the graveyard with all the backwards swastikas.
by pamschel March 11, 2006
Grafitti initiated in the 1960's in which the name of a high school classmate of one of the grafitti artists was spread far and wide on walls throughout the world, in India, England, Vietnam, and Mexico and many other countries the phrase "overby rules the world" was repeated and repeated over and over again as the one classmate had told the other "I will make your name well known far and wide" and he could not tell a lie.
Mr X - I know, let's write overby rules the world on each one of the ceramic tiles in that entire bathroom!
Mr Y - But there are probably over a thousand tiles!
Mr. X - All the more likely to make a favorable impression! Mr. Y - Let's get started!
by pamschel November 06, 2006
If one could consider the internet itself as being similar to a "cloud", in the way that it seemingly floats ubiquitously over everything and is not owned by anyone, cloud computing is using a cheap, rudimentary computer terminal as the only hardware you need in order to accomplish fully functional computing.
Man! Alhamdullilah that each one of us is finally able through cloud computing to stop being tied down to all that duplicative hardware!
by pamschel May 18, 2008
Transitive Verb, recently coined by Randal Amschel, son of Peter; This phrase is used after someone has fucked up or negligently or otherwise damaged persons or property. As soon as the damage has been rectified by the actor and settled between the parties if anyone in the future mentions the initial injury, the speaker should be reminded by the use of this phrase of the complete resolution of the matter between the parties.
Mr. X: Bob sure did fuck up that pristine 1967 VW bug hitlerstaffcar on account of his vehicular negligence!

Mr. Y: Yes, but where are you in the stream of time, Mr. Y? Bob resolved to fuck it back and has already done so.
by pamschel November 05, 2007
A country in the middle east which has convinced the USA, that the country is populated at this time by the Children of Israel, the same ones who over 2,000 years ago attempted to kill God's chosen one Jesus.
In truth, when the original Children of Israel, the 12 sons of the Prophet Jacob, set out to kill Jesus the chosen one of God, that group forfeited its chance to be God's special people just as they were warned would happen at Leviticus 26. Now the opportunity to be chosen ones is with the gentiles. The false claimants in the middle east are impostors.
USA Joe Sixpack: But we have to keep supporting Israel even if they are constant war criminals because to do so is to support God because God has selected them unconditionally as his chosen ones for the Kingdom of God.

Independent Thinker: Read in the book they claim to follow at Leviticus 26, to see that their chosen status depended on obedience to God. Tell me if you think their efforts to kill Jesus was a pleasing obedience to God. Look at the actions of these people claiming today to be Israelites. You'll see why we call these people impostors and members of the synagogue of satan and why we refer to their country as ISFAKE.
by pamschel November 21, 2010