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A more racist and offensive, but zawesum variant of "rock, paper, scissors."

The way this works is:

Jesus beats Hitler, Hitler beats Jew, and Jew beats Jesus.

To do Jesus, one must put his hand in the air at a 180 degree angle with the palm facing upwards.

To do Hitler, one must do the "Hail Hitler" move with his hand up palm facing down at a 45 degree angle.

And finally, to do Jew, one must do the simple rubbing of the finger together, to simulate holding a dollar-bill.
1. Joe, Sara, and Baqueeneneshananaay, were playing J.H.J. outside today with white lines in the balance

2. I love to play Jesus, Hitler, Jew
by JanitorWithAnAxe February 03, 2011
An awesome punk-rock band that formed in the early eighties.

Current members include: (as of July 2011)

Curt Kirkwood - lead vocals, guitar
Cris Kirkwood - bass guitar, backing vocals
Shandom Sahm - drums

They influnced many other bands such as Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Pavement.
I love the Meat Puppets.
by JanitorWithAnAxe July 23, 2011
An awesome show from the 1970's, which captures true family values, rather than that of the 2000's which is all about "ME." Where selfish celebrities dominate the air waves. I am only 15, but the show is great, there will never be a better show than the Waltons
Typical teenager: Hey did you see Dane Cook on SNL last night?

Me: Naaw dude, I watched the Waltons.

Typical teenager: What the hell is that?

Me: (Shows a 3 minute clip of the show)

Typical teenager: Wow that looks soooo boring and stupid.

Me: (Rolls eyes) Whatever dude, maybe this world wouldn't be as hateful today if we didn't have people like you, and if we had more shows like this.

Typical teenager: F*** off you faggot!

Me: (Thinks nothing of it because I don't care what people think)
by JanitorWithAnAxe July 13, 2011
When you, or somebody else, thinks of something really bad happening to you, and no matter how hard you try, you can't get it out of your head; you think of a totally bogus 100% impossible situation to counteract, or hex it.
1. Johnny was stepping into the shower, then thought of slipping and breaking his neck, quickly, he pictured a clown wearing a speedo kicking him in the face, while he was doing a barrel roll glued to the ceiling; somehow. He then realized "hex the jinx" saved his life.

2. When your hung-over friend crosses the street, you picture an 18-wheeler running him down, so you picture Bob Marley coming out of the sky and picking your friend up and hurling him 50 miles into the air, as you shoot yourself in the head with a desert eagle that shoots baked beans shaped like buggs bunny. And your friend safely crosses the street once you come back to reality.
by JanitorWithAnAxe November 27, 2010
All but one
1. ab1 of my friends were smoking some dope.

2. ab1 of the girls in my apartment are prostitutes.
by JanitorWithAnAxe December 20, 2010

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