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when you have a heavy night onthe drink and wake up with runny shit in your pants
bill woke up this morning with a hangover, but little did he know that he drank so much he slept whilst having a shit. now the bed must be cleaned.
by that guy August 30, 2003
2 26
OMG, its something you eat!!!!!
Its not sexual!
I have a meat pie for lunch cause i was hungry!!!!
by MicJaiy May 12, 2005
122 34
The best damn food there is. It's basically ground beef mixed with a dark gravy, all covered in pie pastry.

Best with some tomato sauce and a can of VB.
Four and Twenty meat pies, Sargeants meat pies, Mrs. Macs meat pies, they're all good...
by Normal_Criminal June 15, 2008
47 15
something vegetarians and vegans don't eat
'me don't want none o' that meat pie, pass the tatas'
by jinglejangle November 07, 2003
27 16
A pie filled with meat of some sort.
Example: Chicken, Beef, Pork, or in some cases, your neighborhood judge. Refere to sweeney todd
Person1: Ms. Lovett's meat pies are the best! What's in them??

Person2: Idk but they sure are go-*crack* Theres a fucking finger in my meat pie!

Person1: D=
by JynxBaby July 10, 2008
19 9
The art of putting "man meat" in your "pie hole".
I made meatpie last night, these fries are good.
by Elizabeth Mae May 16, 2007
14 8
The act of taking a shit and smearing it on your neighbours door.
Hey bill, did you get that meat pie last night?
by nick_wehrle September 03, 2006
24 18
What hapens when you go on a golf outing with friends. Wind up at a bar and drink too much then jump off a curb with a hot chick on your back. Face hits the pavement resulting in a meat pie.
Holy shit, that guys fucking face was bleeding bad. He looks like a meat pie
by Boobeaver August 06, 2009
6 7