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A guy that likes to hang around lesbians. A male version of a fag hag.
Most of Harry's friends are lebians, but he isn't trying to get any action. I think he's a dyke tyke.
by mostlybored March 08, 2004
getting a blow-job. Popularized by the AC/DC song of the same title. Also a pet store chain.
I like to pick up girls at the 'Giving Your a Dog Bone' in the hopes that the store name will subconsciously make a girl want my bone.
by mostlybored March 08, 2004
Literature of any sort suitable for reading when on toilet
Couldn't find any good shit lit so I ended up reading the back of a shampoo bottle.
by mostlybored March 08, 2004
A Freudian term for someone fixated in the anal stage of development; the ysublimate their desire to shit on everything by being critical, gossipy and slovenly. The opposite of anal retentive.
The film critic must be anal expulsive to go on and on so vehemently about the film's minor faults.
by mostlybored March 08, 2004
Someone who consumes the ground up, usually dried poppy plant, (the pods and/or stems) to get an opium buzz
If you think you won't get hooked on opium by just being a straw head then you're wrong.
by mostlybored March 08, 2004
When the vagina mound is visible through tight0fitting clothing
Deanna Troi has a has a meat pie, so we affectionately refer to her as 'meat pie'.
by mostlybored March 08, 2004

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