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extremely sarcastic, usually quite exquiste and beatutiful, brown hair, with non blue eyes. usually very rebellious and horny. enjoys looking good and making new friends. one of the biggest flirts ever.
did you see Deanna today?
#deanna #sarcasm #beauty #flirt #horny
by dance in the rain [xo] September 06, 2008
Divine or beautiful.
That waterfall sure is deanna.
#synonyms: pretty #nice #peaceful antonyms: ugly #boring #gross
by angela ross April 26, 2008
a smart talented girl who gets really good grades. shes drop dead gorgeous but self-concision about her self. she has her funny moments and is very sarcastic. she will all ways be there when you need a shoulder to lean on or a person to talk to but shes not afraid to stick up for her self or her friends. does not care what any one thinks. she is nice to everyone but not afraid to say she doesn't like you. likes to be respected and doesn't care who you are if you treat her wrong she won't forget. she loves dolphins and tiger lilies and roses. loves to dance. total dreamer and wish on star type of girl.loves to read and is Italian. forgives but never forgets, she can be your best friend or your worst enemy. loud, brown hair, brown eyes and celebrates her birthday in the winter months. likes guys who can take a joke and don't act fake. has older siblings that you don't want to mess with and cousins that will go to great lengths to protect her. Over all a funny, beautiful, loud, best friend, family girl that is awesome to know. if you are friends with one you have a friend for life.
you are such a Deanna!
#funny #beautiful #loud #sarcastic #dreamer
by CaliforniaOrange April 05, 2010
Beautiful waters. A peaceful land surrounded or embodied by devine waters. Serenity.
"this place is sooo deanna." "It's like my own little slice of Heaven"
#deanna #waters #serenity #peaceful #banana
by BarnMac May 09, 2008
Female name; often representing one who is glamorous and flossy. A very high class individual.
Ben: Do you think I could get that girl?
Jeremy: Nope, shes way out of your league, shes a "Deanna".
#bossy #classy #sexy #sassy #gorgeous
by Vaydah February 27, 2007
your a cool person
hey your pretty cool; you must be a deanna.
#chubby #deanna #cool #tall #has no life
by loveing girl123 August 29, 2008
a beautiful, intelligent, and funny girl with a voice of an angel.
Damn MUST be a Deanna.
#synonyms: beautiful #sexy #smart #gorgeous #singer. antonyms: karen #jerk #lame #stupid #lazy.
by Minx0003 November 19, 2009
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