Enlarged, droopy inner cunt lips that have the tendency to hang way outside the region of comfort and caused malfunctions during insertion of cocks, fingers, tongues, toys, and other miscellaneous products.
We tried to have a quicky, but her meat curtains kepting getting in the way.
by Pink Jelly Bean November 17, 2004
A sloppy, loose vagina that one could likely fit their head inside. That is, if anyone wanted to. Usually found with hoes that try to fuck all their ex's friends after they break up.
Lenny: It seems like shes fucking everyone I know! Have you slept with my ex Jennifer too?

Joey: No, I saw those meat curtains and ran. I'm too young to die.
by scaryguy1 May 07, 2011
the flaps on a vagina, usually on chicks who has been doing it alot
DANG!!!! her meat curtains are more like meat drapes.
by a. booze March 12, 2010
Another term for a woman’s labia that hangs low & loose out of her private area.
“Holy! Look at her meat curtains! That’s loose!”
by Ash-Ree April 30, 2007
Excessively large pussy lips that tend to be attached to a pussy thats been used extensively for mass fuckings, gang bangs, or excessively large didlo insertions that resemble curtains hanging from a window!!!
Yo that bitch last night had some meat curtains on her I could have used them as a blanket after i got done tearin that shit up!!!
by vinny125125 August 31, 2010
exrta large labia majora.
Bob needed to close marthas meat curtains, due to excessive noise.
by Rob S. July 16, 2003
The luscious protruding inner lips of a woman's vagina which is men’s favorite part to suck on during oral sex.
These inner lips are particularly sensitive and touching them makes the woman orgasm.
The inner lips of some genetically blessed women grow larger during puberty.
The inner labia of the majority of women more or less protrude beyond the outer labia but since the protruding lips are considered too sexy (too graphic) for soft porn, the guidelines mandate digital removal of these parts before getting them published. So virgin guys who are used to jerking off to porn pussies are not aware of this trait of real-life pussies.
1.My girl’s meat curtains can kiss my dick at the same time she’s kissing my lips. It makes me and her madly horny!!!

2.I love rolling my wife’s beaf curtains around in my mouth. Sucking on those juicy pussy-lips sends me and her to heaven!

3.Mike doesn’t know how sex works. I laughed so hard at that virgin dude when he said he thought girls can get their meat curtains stretched out during sex hahaaaaaa
by smartyass March 24, 2010

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