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What barely-pubescent boys call a vagina that hasn't been nipped and tucked and posted on Hustler.
Meat curtains are a very common trait among women, actually.
by Buffalo billy bobb July 07, 2009
The long, overly stretched out lips of a pussy, sometimes resembling philly cheese steak. Also known as: elephant ears, clappers, mud flaps, pounded cube steak, cube steak patties, dangly gizzard, and last (but not least), the giblet pouch.
Debbie's meat curtains are so long, she has a curtain rod in her shower to hang her flaps over so she can squeegie them down.
by Snu November 07, 2003
long flappy labia lips
bitch wrap your meat curtains around my dick
by moe March 22, 2004
The inner lips of the vagina that hang outside the vagina or are exposed- all women have ( meat curtains ) , womans vagina- sexy part of the body
women have meat curtains
by lil joe February 24, 2005
A woman's vagina lips.
Hey, bend over and spread your meat curtains so i can ride you bare-back from behind and spray my love all over your ass!
by Anonymous May 15, 2003
Long beefy flaps of meat that hang down in some vaginas. Usualy the best for sucking! Keeps large amount of juice that smells very good. Women that have those are certainly blessed.
I put her panties to the side and those incredible meat curtains flops out, hanging down like drapes.
by zebedeux January 22, 2007
vaginal opening, labia.
"So, I was going down on this chick the other nite, and she had the nicest meat curtains."
by Mychelle December 20, 2006
That extra cooter skin that looks kinda like a pastrami sandwich. Either she's one of those unfortunates born like this, or she's seen the business end of the ramrod one too many times and blew her o-ring.
Damn Suzie! Your pootie-tang is so tore up, yo' meat curtains look like a freakin' gyro sandwich!
by dirTsamoan June 30, 2003