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Long beefy flaps of meat that hang down in some vaginas. Usualy the best for sucking! Keeps large amount of juice that smells very good. Women that have those are certainly blessed.
I put her panties to the side and those incredible meat curtains flops out, hanging down like drapes.
by zebedeux January 22, 2007
A big hard clitoris that only some blessed women have. In some cases, these incredible organs can measure up to 3 inches in length and 4 inches in circunference. Like a penis, has a shaft and a knob and is covered by a hood. When horny, gets hard and erect.
She pulls out the knob of her huge clit and I engulfed it in my mouth.
by zebedeux January 22, 2007
Large pussy lips that hangs down in a woman like wonderful meat curtains. The best for sucking. Usualy has to be spread with the fingers during the act of pissing, to avoid weting herself.
She had to peel her pissflaps with her fingers before pissing.
by zebedeux January 22, 2007
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