Well my belief that the meaning of life is to find your proof of your own existence (purpose in life). everyone's purpose is different. no one is here by mistake

but also... to find something to believe in and pass it on to the next generation (children, ideals, anything you believe will benefit mankind...or not). (the future is what we make of it)

Learning from our mistakes and bettering ourselves from those experiences is also my take on the meaning of life. and death is a part of life but not the meaning of life.

We may die... but its our resonsibility to teach our children our mistakes and hope the next generation will learn from them.

and last... we really dont know the true meaning of life... everyone's meaning is something different.

This is just my belief on life thats all.
I hate to give a quote from a Metal Gear Solid 2 (a videogame if ya didnt know already) but it really inspired me on what the meaning of life means to me.

Solid Snake : "find something to believe in and find it for yourself then... pass it on to the future."
by Killer quail April 16, 2007
Top Definition
the reason or purpose for our existence
I asked the guru what was the real meaning of life. He said,"Twenty years with time off for good behavior."
by yorrick hunt January 22, 2008
your not going to find it here.
there is no right or wrong answer to the meaning of life. life is what you make it.
by hateitorloveit September 09, 2009
It doesn't exist.
A common misconception.
Q: What is the meaning of life?
by Oxymoron Man! March 12, 2009

Not a joke.
Me: What's the meaning of life?
Me: I'm serious you piece of soggy cheese!
by 42not69 July 31, 2010
Me: what is the meaning of life?
God: i think il just sit back and watch u suffer a life of anxiety, torment, and pain while u struggle internally thinking about this question every fucking night..
by kevinggg December 25, 2008
the meaning of life is to question lifes meaning despite the fact that its true meaning cannot possibly by revealed while one is living - therefore its meaning is and always will be unknown as long as we continue to live and possibly beyond
how can anyone know what the meaning of life truly consist of until one can observe it from an outside point of view?
for that possibility to occur - one must be somewhere else
by ELboGreesyMunkyWrench May 13, 2010
Each person has needs/desires which are triggered by events. The meaning of life is to re-evaluate and find ways to address these needs.

Desires can be physical, psychological and social. Many needs are short-term but we should also find long term ones.
Everyone is trying to find the meaning of life, but it's always been there: Just not always as clear!
by Alienspace January 29, 2011
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