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People who wander around aimlessly and always seem to get in your way in stores and supermarkets, chatting on their cell phones and paying no attention to their surroundings.
I would have been here ten minutes earlier if I hadn't been stuck behind that meanderthal.
by dswenson June 04, 2006
One who has difficulty determining their next course of action in traffic (sometimes going 10-20mph top speed), and, as a result, is not predictable and does not use their turn signal.
Oh my God. We're going to be late AGAIN. This guy in front of me's a fucking meanderthal.
by Beelzebunny June 29, 2005
A person with nowhere to go and nothing to do who wanders the sidewalks aimlessly in a swervy, slow path that blocks the paths of people who do have somewhere to go and something to do.
I was supposed to be at the Museum of Natural History thirty minutes ago but my path was slowed and at times completely blocked by roving packs of meanderthals.
by mymarwit July 20, 2010
1. n.: In tourism industry, those ones aka tourist, specially the one in hords going up and down as a pack, inside and outside shuttle buses and meanders other tourist atractions. Each one in a shoal of visitors wandering through the city center. Not always nor exclusively applied in a pejorative manner.
Those meanderthals on my way to work... I envy them!
by meanders2001 September 09, 2011
A term used to describe a disinterested, uncommunicative and disaffected man usually found meandering back and forth between the snack and liquor tables at “stupid” parties hosted by his girlfriend’s or wife’s “boring” friends.
Heather: Kelly, your boyfriend, Cornelius, hasn’t talked to anyone the whole time, and he’s just been standing over there for about hour stuffing his face with nacho dip and slamming beers.

Kelly: I know, he’s being a total meanderthal.
by Mr. Dam January 31, 2011
One who wanders about thoughtlessly.
We were at the mall and realized that Nate had walked off. He's such a meanderthal.
by N8 da GR8 February 01, 2010
An old person who walks at an extremely slow pace. (This word is a combination of "meander" which means to walk slowly with no apparent destination, and "neanderthal" which refers to something old, ancient or prehistoric.)
I watched as the meanderthal across the street gradually made his way to the car.
by Yelsie December 30, 2010
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