Someone who's not very smart but goes on talking and talking circuitously around a subject without ever making any coherent point. Could be used to describe many politicians, including several State of the Union addresses of the past decade. Also applies to university professors, conference speakers, TV and radio personalities, etc.
"I can't believe so many people voted for that meanderthal."
"How did this meanderthal ever get tenure?"
"I actually paid money to sit here and listen to this meanderthal?"
"Enough of this meanderthal! I'm changing the channel."
by reuster January 28, 2010
1. An incredibly slow person.

2. Someone who walks or drives erratically and very slowly.
Look at that guy. Going 45 in the left lane. He's such a meanderthal.
by JHockeyWhat? April 07, 2014
The word meanderthal is a portmanteau of meander and neanderthal to describe a driving behavior.

A meanderthal (as a close cousin of the passhole) is a driver whose rate of speed is slower than the actual rate (not necessarily the legal speed) of the traffic for the lane they are in (e.g. in an HOV lane that is going slower than non-HOV traffic to the right). The driver may even change lanes without additional speed, nor showing intention to pass another vehicle (e.g. in the middle lane of three lane highway going slower than traffic in that lane, and the right adjacent one). The driver is either using a cell phone, is from a stereotypical "nervous" driving group, or (worst case) intentionally being a jerk.

This lack of forethought, awareness, and consideration for other drivers causes disruption, and occasional road rage, creating a danger to themselves and other drivers.
"Damn! Everyone is passing us by because of that @#$% meanderthal in front of us!"

"Another friggin' meanderthal is LOST in the HOV lane again!"
by Big Maq February 25, 2013
A person who will thoughtlessly jaywalk into approaching traffic.

A meanderthal is confident that any car speeding towards them will avoid them and that no driver has ever taken his or her eyes off the road for a second so it's totally safe to stop cars by throwing your body out in front of them.
Don't take Danforth Ave., the streets full of meanderthals.
by DerekRob October 08, 2010
Similar to a modern day neanderthal.. this is an individual who is not only ignorant, abusive and always willing to spout hateful words to those who are smarter, but has the added bonus of being able to meander freely throughout the planet spreading their ignorance.
I wanted to get away from the local idiots but unfortunately no matter where I went, I was surrounded by meanderthals. There should be a law against that.
by Rhonja September 06, 2009
The word basically describes a weirdfunky sort of 'non-linear' and integral approach in day-to-day routine; much gets accomplished overall, though in what would appear to the outside (non-meanderthal) observer as a randomly chaotic, somewhat disjointed fashion. The great productivity achieved thru this process by its skilled practitioners may often seem antithetical to the methodology of it
The meanderthal fashion of his workday always astounds his colleagues with how much he manages to get done with it.
by Bruce Cutean March 14, 2008
Conversationalist that wanders from one subject to another with no apparent point, never reaching the end of the story.
Sorry I'm late for lunch, I got stuck in a cubicle listening to an unending stream of bullshit. I just couldn't break loose from that meanderthal.
by JBernal October 05, 2006

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