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see Valentine's Day. Also known as S.A.D., Singles' Awareness Day is how perpetually single people refer to Valentine's Day.
As Jenny began to notice conversation hearts and sickening mushy cards gracing the shelves of retail stores, she knew that Singles' Awareness Day was coming up.
#valentine's day #single #holidays #valentine #february 14
by Yelsie December 30, 2010
When someone re-gifts you a gift, and doesn't even realize that it is a gift that you originally gave them.
My friend totally regifted me a necklace for my birthday that I gave her for Christmas a week before!! Regift fail.
#regifting #christmas #birthday #gifts #friends #fail
by Yelsie December 31, 2010
An old person who walks at an extremely slow pace. (This word is a combination of "meander" which means to walk slowly with no apparent destination, and "neanderthal" which refers to something old, ancient or prehistoric.)
I watched as the meanderthal across the street gradually made his way to the car.
#meander #neanderthal #old people #slow #walking
by Yelsie December 30, 2010
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