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To describe something as exceptionally good or "cool", normally referring to an item/ non-living thing, but can be used to describe people also.
Ex. 1: My Mama make a mean turkey sandwhich!!
Ex. 2: Damn, that girls got a mean ass!
Ex. 3: Our little league soccer team has mean dribbles.
by FezMac June 20, 2009
Adj. A commonly used word to state and describe a sensed irritant of a small value. Often followed by a period. Commonly but not restricted to use as a single word sentence.
Chase sits down at the table to eat a cookie. Chase finishes the cookie and notices the leftover crumbs on the table. "Mean." Chase says.

A boy puts on a fluffy coat because it is cold. The boy stands there staring at the wall and says "Mean." as the coat is too big.

The dog sees a dead snake laying in the grass. "Mean snake." the dog says.
by Kalrai November 28, 2012
A word Kiwi's use to describe just about everything that is remotely cool or interesting. Ranging from buzzy, crazy, dope, sick, kickass, wicked, sweet, nice, cool or even ok.
Almost as overused as the American's use of awesome.
Went to this new bar last night took some weird shit, got fukn ownd! Things went off the hook, it was so mean!
by Hillygotowned August 23, 2010
Anything or anyone that is extremely fresh,cool,off the chain and usually causes a strong attraction or attention to.
Like..."That dress is mean.","Dem rims are mean.","Her walk is so mean.","That girl attitude is mean.","He got a mean body."....you get the picture.
by Makne February 20, 2005
a saying used in hawaii, usually when describing how good looking a chick or nice car is. Which is quite often due to the amount of hot girls in hawaii.

chick hot dope hawaii
if 2 guys see a hot girl walk by, one might say,

"eh brah hows dat chick?! MEAN ahh?"
by DJ Magnet December 19, 2008
In old english, being mean means not letting someone blow their load in your face upon request.
Anna was being mean, because she told Jimmy he could not blow his load in her face.
by FlyingCamels March 11, 2011
Mean is an action done onto one by another, so in order to describe the word mean it is imperative to describe the action. The action is a jester to provoke feelings in the recipient, but however these feelings are meaningless to the antagonist unless the recipient cannot act on these feelings at the time the jester was given.
Girl drives boy crazy by being mean
by recipientt December 28, 2010